Vineyard USA | Scholarship & Theology
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Scholarship & Theology

Making a place for theological scholarship in the Vineyard.

Thoughtful scholarship and theological reflection are vital as we carry out our commitment to careful study and interpretation of the Bible – and faithful preaching of its message.

As a movement, we work to make a place for theological scholarship; those called to the “life of the mind” in service to God and others. It is our belief that faith is enhanced, enlarged, and empowered through detailed study in various academic fields, and we are committed to seeing our love for the Spirit and Christian beliefs wed seamlessly with our commitment to excellence in thought and practice.

For a Christian, every arena of life is impacted by theology.

Theology, biblical studies, ecclesiology, history, science, art and more are themes that matter to the Vineyard movement as we seek to engage the culture with the heart and teaching of Jesus.

The Vineyard is home to many who are involved in academic and scholarly worlds, across a wide range of disciplines.

Society of Vineyard Scholars (SVS) exists to actively cultivate the capacity for articulate, faithful theological imagination within the Vineyard.

Thinking theologically about God and God’s world is essential for the long-haul good of our movement, and is not something that we can “outsource.”

We theologically explore the particular perspective that God has given us as Vineyard people to advance our ongoing sense of identity, vocation, and mission.

Society of Vineyard Scholars (SVS) website

 Annual Conference

We gather academics, pastors, church planters, worship leaders, and anyone else who desires to think theologically within a Vineyard community.

 Discussion Forum

The SVS Discussion Forum is an online community that keeps theological conversations going year round.

 Support Network

We help establish relationships of care, mentoring, and formation for every seminarian who identifies as Vineyard.

 Pastoral Resources

We provide resources to Vineyard pastors and leaders as they grapple with theological questions in the course of their ministry.


We run occasional seminars at regional and national Vineyard conferences, as well as in local churches.


SVS leaders actively recommend books to one another, and to pastors, exploring theological questions that impact their daily work.

 Vibrant Intellectual Community

SVS events are a great place to build lasting, productive relationships with Vineyard-connected scholars.

 Joining SVS

If you are connected substantively to a Vineyard church in your area, you may qualify for SVS membership. See our website above for details.

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