Mercy Response Partnership

Mission: Responding to Crisis and Suffering with Kingdom Mercy and Hope

Mercy Response has recently undergone some changes effective September 1, 2011. It is no longer a ministry administered through the national office of Vineyard USA and is now a Partnership. The Vineyard Church of New Orleans will act as the leadership church and coordinate the efforts of the Mercy Response Partnership. A board of 4-6 people will be developed to represent the interests and carry out the vision.

Our aim is to come alongside the local church by joining them in what they are already doing in their community to help meet the needs of people affected by a natural disaster or misfortune (through financial and volunteer support).

If you would like to become involved in the Mercy Response Partnership, please use the contact information on the left.

Types of Partners

  • Financial Support: Make a 3 year commitment providing a regular monthly commitment based on their ability, knowing that if a release of commitment needs to occur, a 3-6 mo. notice should occur.
  • Volunteer Support (Disaster Team): Make a 3 year commitment to mobilize at least one team of volunteers each year, in the event of a disaster, at their own expense.
  • Volunteer Support (Maintenance Team): Make a 1 year commitment to mobilize a team to help maintain and provide upkeep to the Mercy Response equipment and vehicles.
  • Leadership/Assessment Team: Each church would commit 1-2 people who would go through Mercy Response training on how to respond and assess a disaster and how to manage a camp during crisis (at their own expense.) This is a 2 year commitment.
  • Church Involvement: Each church may partner in one or more ways listed. Each church would promote the partnership in their congregation. The Senior Pastor would be the contact person unless assigned otherwise.
  • Finances:
  1. The finances received from the partnership will be used for regular maintenance of Mercy Response equipment and vehicles, the administration of Mercy Response including but not limited to the employment of Mercy Response Staff and yearly operation expenses. 
  2. A report will be sent out twice a year on financial status.
  3. Responding to a disaster is contingent on special donations from the churches throughout the country.
  4. Vineyard USA has made a financial commitment to help partially subsidize the ministry for the first 5 years beginning 2012.

Regular Financial Support

Checks payable to: Mercy Response
Send to: Vineyard Church of New Orleans
Attn: Shawn Rich
4340 Sal Lentini Pkwy
Kenner, LA 70065

Mercy Response Online Donations

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Building Site in Haiti
Clearing the Site
First Team on Site

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