What is the ReOrg? What is Transitions?

In October of 2020, Phil Strout and the ReOrg Team circulated an Interim Report to Vineyard USA pastors. This lengthy report contained much important information about the process and content of the ReOrg, including clear details about a series of significant decisions that the Executive Team made at its meeting in September 2020.  

The conclusion of that report made clear that the ReOrg process was not over, but rather that there were several more months of decision-making work yet to be done. The broad array topics still to be addressed were listed on the report’s final page.

When we published that report, we hoped to be able to offer another ReOrg update in January 2021. However, we discovered that, in order to report thoroughly and accurately about the next steps in the ReOrg process, it was necessary to delay that update until now. The ReOrg Update for 2021, shares where we are in this process and this is also why we launched the Transitions site to showcase the next steps we are taking as a movement. 



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