What happens to current entities and initiatives? 

In our first Interim Report, we acknowledged an ongoing need to define and establish some categories of relationship between Vineyard USA and any entities desiring formal or informal relationship to it. Obviously, this large group of organizations, with varied types and structures, required a clear process in consideration of how to move forward.

To get started, we defined a group of fifteen entities in closest proximity to Vineyard USA: Vineyard Resources, Vineyard Worship, Multiply Vineyard, Vineyard Missions, Vineyard Women, Vineyard Diversity, La Viña, Vineyard Justice Network, Society of Vineyard Scholars, Vineyard Large Church Initiative, Vineyard Kids, Vineyard Youth, Vineyard Young Adults, School of Kingdom Ministry, and the Order of the Common Life.

We then ran an in-depth survey of each of these entities, seeking to understand as much as possible about them, their mission, and their desired ongoing relationship to Vineyard USA. Out of that survey process – in which each entity enthusiastically participated – the ReOrg Team offered a provisional proposal to the Executive Team about potential categories for establishing clear ongoing relationship to these entities, and others like them that will emerge in the future. This categorization work is ongoing, and will be the work of the incoming National Director and new National Team. 

In September 2020, the Executive Team voted to fully integrate church planting and international missions into the National Team structure of Vineyard USA, making oversight and budgeting for Multiply Vineyard and Vineyard Missions the responsibility of the Vineyard USA National Team. In order to fulfill this mandate from the Executive Team, we are in an ongoing process of clarifying all of the current operational and financial details of Multiply Vineyard and Vineyard Missions. The purpose of this work is to create as much continuity as possible between what is currently happening in domestic church planting and international missions – stewarding well the good and important Kingdom work that the Lord has given birth to through Multiply Vineyard and Vineyard Missions over the years.

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