What was the process of determining roles and job descriptions for the National Team?

As described in the Interim Report, the Executive Team voted in September 2020 to hire a National Team for Vineyard USA, consisting of the following positions:

  • Associate National Director, Pastoral Health and Development
  • Associate National Director, Church Health and Development
  • Associate National Director, Evangelism and Justice
  • Associate National Director, Theology and Education
  • Super-Regional Leaders (up to four)
  • Managing Director (formerly Controller)
  • Communications Director

After September 2020, the work remaining to be done to fulfill the Executive Team’s decision to make these hires included the finalization of job descriptions for each of these roles, as well as the finalization of the hiring processes for each of these roles.

In March 2020, the Executive Team received proposals from the ReOrg Team on both of these matters. 

  • They approved finalized job descriptions for the Associate National Directors, and discussed an update from the ReOrg Team regarding the job descriptions of Super-Regional Leaders. They also tasked Michael Gatlin to work alongside the ReOrg Team to develop a job description for the Communications Director role. 
  • They approved a hiring process in which each of these positions will be appointed in 2021 by the Vineyard USA Executive Team, on the recommendation of a hiring committee consisting of National Director-Elect Jay Pathak and a small team of interviewers. This hiring process will be an open application process, beginning May 1, 2021.

All of the specific details of these job descriptions and hiring processes will be presented at the 2021 Leadership Team Meeting in Phoenix, April 19-21, 2021. After that meeting, all these details will be circulated widely and openly to all Vineyard pastors.

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