What was the interview and hiring process for the National Team?

We engaged in a rigorous hiring process for the National Team to ensure that the hiring team could make the best informed decisions for important positions. In addition to this formal process, it can not be understated how many hours of prayer and discernment went into this process. We are incredibly grateful for the dozens of people who are participated in this process as applicants, interviewers, and intercessors during this season.

Application Review

Applicants had several weeks to apply for positions through an online system which included their resume to share past ministry experience, as well as a number of written questions to answer about their credentials and vision for the position. Each application was reviewed by a Hiring Team consisting of leaders across Vineyard USA. This team decided on a percentage of applications to move forward to the Project Phase and communicated with all applicants who would not be moving forward.


For applicants who made it to the next phase in the interview process, they were given a few weeks to complete a project specific to the role that they applied for. These projects were designed by reaching out to several stakeholders in the Vineyard with a track record of expertise in these areas of ministry. The projects were submitted by applicants and then ‘blinded’ by a third party to take out all distinguishing information about them before being reviewed by the Hiring Team. The projects were blinded to reduce bias and be evaluated purely on content. The Hiring Team scored the projects, looking for alignment of experience, strategy, and vision for the position based on the Job Descriptions for each role. Blinded projects were also reviewed by individuals who are involved with the newly forming Associations for feedback and review. Overall more than 15 people reviewed each project and gave feedback for deliberation on which candidates to move to Zoom Interviews.

Zoom Interviews

After the Project Phase, each finalist was interviewed by a panel including the Hiring Team and Vineyard leaders and pastors with expertise in that specific ministry area from across the country. These extra interviewers were given projects to review prior to the interview and came up with very specific questions related to the position for the interviews. Each interview panel consisted of 4-6 people with diverse perspectives and extensive ministry experience. After deliberation, these panels gave an assessment regarding who they believed should move forward and these candidates were invited to complete Campion Assesments.

Campion Assessments and Background Checks

Final candidates participated in a Campion assessment with their spouse, which is an extensive and time consuming third-party psychological evalution. These were professionally reviewed and evaluated by the Campion team, providing an assessment of each candidate’s ability to perform these leadership roles. Additionally, if they had not completed a Vineyard USA background check in the past year, VUSA pulled a background check for them. 

Additional Interviews

For some roles, additional interviews and conversations with candidates were conducted, if necessary to decide which candidate would receive the final offer.

Executive Team Ratification & Offers

In September 2021, the Executive Team received the final nominations for the National Team and unanimously ratified the National Team. All National Team members accepted their offers and will begin working as soon as October 1st, 2021.

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