Why are we doing this? 

More than forty years ago, God gave the Vineyard a gift to steward. It was a gift rooted in a powerful vision of what church could be like with Jesus’s theology and practice of the already and not-yet Kingdom of God at its center.

The world has changed in all sorts of dramatic ways in the last forty years. We know that today there are new and different challenges to reaching people with the good news of the Kingdom of God, as well as more demands on our pastors than there ever were in the past. While life itself involves constant change, the pace of change is now quicker than ever.

Throughout our life together as a movement, we have earnestly responded to God’s call – and our response has borne much fruit. We now need to focus on how we continue to do so for the next forty years. It is time for us to reimagine our approach to our shared mission, embracing the changes necessary for us to thrive as a Kingdom movement in the midst of our changing culture.  

We, the Vineyard USA Executive Team, believe it is now necessary to refocus, resource, and reorganize our movement, to meet the challenges of the days that are ahead.



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