Spiritual Vitality

Encouraging spiritual renewal and personal growth through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Life in the Spirit, for a Christian, is expressed in many ways – and all of them center on the Person and activity of the Holy Spirit.

Whether we’re learning to hear the voice of God, establishing spiritual rhythms as a Christian, or learning how to pray for others for healing, we in the Vineyard believe our lives are dependent on an active, cultivated relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We develop this awareness of, and dependence on, the Holy Spirit in a variety of ways in our movement. Read more below.

We value the leading presence of the Holy Spirit.

When the presence of God is experienced, everything comes to life – and we are transformed! We are a movement that believes that God’s renewing power is expressed in the transformation of people, and also in demonstrations of power, what we call “signs and wonders,” that stop us in our tracks and awaken us to God’s nearness.

The Renewal Team cultivates a passion for the presence of God in our churches.

We equip individuals and churches to hear the Holy Spirit, effectively pray for healing, and experience God in signs and wonders – through workshops, conferences and other training events.

Pastor Sabbath Retreats provide our pastors and pastoral couples with a specific retreat aimed at personal renewal & holistic spiritual development.

We are committed to our pastors learning “day by day” habits that will sustain their faith. This takes teaching, ministry, and direction as leaders give out so much ministering to others.

Spiritual Directors & Coaches support various leaders with guidance and counsel, supporting each leader’s unique needs for daily rhythms and spiritual habits.

These patterns orient and stabilize us as we participate in adventurous, missional activity. Coaching and Spiritual Direction helps to keep our leaders spiritually renewed.


We value the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. When the presence of God is tangible in our midst, people are transformed.


Jesus promised that when the Holy Spirit comes, He releases power to His people for effective ministry.


Wimber‘s phrase, “Everybody gets to play!” captures a ministry style the Vineyard contributed to the Body of Christ.


We offer a variety of events that nurture local churches in their ability to equip their congregations to hear God’s voice.


We host retreats that help pastors and pastoral couples find renewed spiritual rhythms for a sustainable ministry life.

 Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction has become important for many of our leaders and church members, cultivating our ability to respond to the Spirit.


These media resources explore why we are so devoted to welcoming God’s manifest presence in our gatherings.

 Come, Holy Spirit

This prayer, with ancient roots, sits at the center of our weekly prayers as churches. We want the Spirit to lead us.