Training & Equipping

Learning the arts of leadership through study and practical ministry.

In the Vineyard, we are committed to calling Christ-followers to be lifelong learners – always learning and growing.

Because we value every age and stage of development, we have training programs that reach into the life of a Christian at any age, to help them advance in spiritual, leadership, relational, and intellectual development.

While these programs are not intended to replace excellent local church offerings in many of our churches, Vineyard Institute, Heroic Leadership Institute, and Project Timothy provide important forums for the growth of leaders at many ages and stages of development.

Training is discipleship at its best.

In the Vineyard, we are committed to living out the essential practices of EDLD on a daily basis.

All Christians need training in areas of Christlikeness, leadership, and ministry development.

We work with local churches, and their training forums, to support them with broader programs to disciple kingdom leaders.

Vineyard Institute is an international educational provider for the Vineyard movement, developing leaders at all levels.

If you are leading in a Vineyard church and are interested in developing your theological, Biblical, and leadership skills, Vineyard Institute is for you.

Heroic Leadership Institute (HLI) is a place for young (18-35) leaders to grow.

HLI is a 9 month, full-time training program hosted in various strategic Vineyard churches. Students are exposed to character, leadership, and missional training.

Project Timothy trains teenagers to lead this generation.

The Apostle Paul saw potential in a young man named Timothy, and spent years investing himself in his life. Project Timothy is a 3-month experience training teenagers to lead.

 Equipping The Saints

John Wimber placed special emphasis on Ephesians 4:12-13, calling us to equip ordinary people to do the work of ministry rather than relying on spiritual “professionals” to do it.

 All Age Training

The Vineyard Pilgrimage affirms our belief that there is no age limit – young or old – when it comes to being trained to join God in His kingdom work.

 Learning By Doing

In all our training, we develop practitioners of Jesus’ words rather than simply those who know what the Bible says. Knowing and doing are two different things for the disciple of Christ.

 Lead With Passion

We call all our leaders to a passionate, radical lifestyle of love, obedience, and listening to the Father – choosing Jesus over the idols of our age.