Vineyard Healthy Church & Renewal

Providing practical training, hands-on coaching, and renewal support to pastors leading churches across the United States.

Healthy churches don’t just happen; they are cultivated like their leaders – with time, support, and investment.

Vineyard Healthy Church & Renewal exists to come alongside Vineyard pastors and leaders of our churches to help promote church growth and health. Through workshops, seminars, coaching roundtables, and one-on- one coaching, we are seeking to encourage and help every Vineyard church to achieve its full redemptive potential.

Holy Spirit ministry is a top priority in the Vineyard. The Renewal Team is part of our Vineyard Healthy Church initiative, and is committed to giving practical training to help people effectively minister in the power of the Spirit.

Whether a church is big or small, pastors need insight and coaching on how to maintain renewal in themselves and their communities.

We as a movement are committed to training spiritually healthy leaders, as well as to nurturing spiritually healthy churches.

Vineyard Healthy Church & Renewal works to provide practical training and hands-on education to pastors leading churches across the United States.

Through relationships, coaching, and events, Vineyard Healthy Church & Renewal is committed to seeing our churches thrive in their ability to reach their communities for the long haul, empowered by the Holy Spirit and growing through conversions.

Our smaller churches also need regular support in maintaining their health as they grow into larger churches over time. Vineyard Healthy Church & Renewal walks alongside these pastors in their journey as a community.

Healthy Leaders

When a leader is healthy, a congregation is healthy. Our coaches provide a listening ear, and spiritual guidance, to our pastors.

 Healthy Churches

Churches can struggle to maintain relationships, often reflecting their leaders. We work toward health in churches through their leaders.

 Healthy Christians

Church members can be discipled to grow into more emotionally healthy, spiritually mature Christians. We help pastors help individuals.

 Leadership Coaching

Our network of coaches across the country provides a vital point of connection to help our pastors and churches move forward.