The Vineyard Pilgrimage

Developing Christians at all ages and stages of life.

From the youngest child to the seasoned sage, The Vineyard Pilgrimage encourages every person to be engaged in the process of growing in their ability to love God and others.

At every age and stage of life, people have something great to do as followers of Jesus. We know that at certain key transition points in their lives, people may wander away from their calling in Christ – and local church support systems. Because we believe everyone gets to play, the Vineyard Pilgrimage seeks to strengthen disciples to thrive during each of those life transition stages.

Everyone gets to play.

One of our distinctives as a movement is our belief that regardless of age, ethnicity, or background, everyone gets to participate with God in His kingdom advancing in the world.

The Vineyard Pilgrimage helps churches and families ensure that faith “rites of passage” are navigated well, over a lifetime.

What Is The Vineyard Pilgrimage?

The “Vineyard Pilgrimage” is our conceptual framework for mapping out the discipleship of a human being, from the cradle all the way to the twilight years of one’s life.

The Vineyard Pilgrimage teams is working to create resources that support parents, families, teachers, pastors, and local churches in their desire to grow lifetime disciples who “stay the course” – following Jesus all the way through the transition stages of life.

We’re mapping out resources according to Trail Markers, Milestones, and Tracks.


Trail Markers

Trail Markers identify where you are and how far you’ve come.

These Trail Markers will be the goals of each stage of life and spiritual development. At each Trail Marker we will ask, “What do we desire for individuals and their families during this stage of life?”

Each stage will have clear, age-specific and developmentally-appropriate objectives and goals. Everything we do within our ministries will work towards those goals. Trail Markers will also build upon each other.

Rather than having ministries exist in silos, separate from the next stage of life, each ministry will create the foundation that the next life stage ministry will build upon.


Milestones are significant moments in an individual’s life we will intentionally celebrate.

These are the moments that the Church body, the family and extended family and friends of the individual can participate in to create catalysts of deepening faith and relationship and to encourage church participation within the local Vineyard community. Examples of these events are baby dedication, baptism and rites of passage.

In light of the data that tells us when many drop out of the church and/or leave their faith, we also want to create Bridge Events. These events will be designed to help kids, youth and young adults make the transition into the next phase of church life.

Leadership Track

The Leadership Track is the path for those identified as potential leaders within the Vineyard Church body.

Leadership can be identified in a young child, a teenager, a twenty or fifty-something, or a Vineyard sage. A leader can get on a path of leadership development at any moment in their life and can engage in a number of leadership opportunities including Project Timothy, Heroic Leadership Institute, Vineyard Institute and more.

Taking Christians from the earliest stages of their faith, through a discipleship process, and then into a kingdom leadership development experience is what our EDLD theme is all about – and the Vineyard Pilgrimage makes this possible.

 Pilgrimage Resources

We’re building resources to help kids, parents, teachers, and local churches successfully navigate key “rites of passages.”

 Casting Vision

Sharing the heart behind this powerful idea with pastors and churches is vital to the success of this project.

 Pilot Churches

Pilot churches are those who are willing to implement and test Pilgrimage programs and resources.

 Leadership Track

VP targets the mentoring of leaders from the earliest ages (kids) to the latest stages (those we call “sages”).


The VP collaborates with all Vineyard USA ministries, as well as our local churches and church plants across the country.

 Kingdom Theology

VP resources are all rooted in the teaching of Jesus (Kingdom theology), and Vineyard core values.

Ministry Development

The work of the VP team is to equip local church leaders, parents, and ministry teams through resources and events.

Ministry Connection

Working with Project Timothy, Heroic Leadership Institute, and Vineyard Institute, the VP aims to engage disciples at all ages.