Young Adults

Calling young leaders to do great things with God.

The Vineyard movement was started by a generation of young leaders who were eager to create a place for their generation to experience the kingdom of God.

Just a few decades later, the Vineyard has planted hundreds of churches in the United States – and thousands across the entire world! Our movement is living proof that a generation of risk-takers can change the world.

If you’re a young adult, looking for a cause to live for, the Vineyard has resources for you.

Are You Ready To Do Great Things?

Jesus is committed to engaging you – as a young man or woman – in your everyday life. He wants to to speak to you at home, in your church, and in community.

Christ also wants to invite you to see what the Father is doing in the world – in your family, your job, your church, your city – and to join Him in bringing the kingdom to every arena of society.

Heroic Leadership Institute trains young leaders to reach this generation with the love of Jesus.

Many young men and women struggle to find a place of vocation, community, and ministry that excites their heart and puts them on the front lines of God’s great work in history. We train young leaders to do great things with God.

 HLI Equip

HLI Equip is a virtual platform connecting the young people of the Vineyard movement to global conversations.

 HLI Blog

The HLI blog is packed with insights from leaders just like you, ready to do whatever Jesus is inviting you to. Check it out.

 Project Timothy

Project Timothy is a week-long bootcamp for young leaders. Programs run year round.

 Vineyard Pilgrimage

We are strengthening our young leaders by investing in what we call the Vineyard Pilgrimage. 

 CauseCon Event

The annual CauseCon Conference will be a watershed moment in your life. Join hundreds of other leaders your age. Check it out.

 CauseCon Podcast

The CauseCon podcast brings world-changing leaders right to your smart phone, with insights, tips, and more. Check it out.


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 Do You Think You’re A Church Planter?

If you’re at the age you think you’d like to connect with a church plant, or consider planting yourself, let Multiply Vineyard hear your story.