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Seattle Vineyard

Seattle Vineyard | Pastoral Search Document | 2018

Position Description

  • Position Title: Pastor
  • Time Requirements: Full Time or minimum of 60% Part Time
  • Description: Seattle Vineyard Christian Fellowship (SVCF) seeks a pastor who is a follower of Jesus and who listens and walks in step with the Holy Spirit. SVCF is searching for a pastor passionate and articulate for an urban context, with a shepherd’s heart to work with the least, last, and lost in alignment with the church’s foundational scripture of Isaiah 56, sharing God’s love with those on the margins. Self aware of strengths and calling, an ideal pastoral candidate will embrace her/his finiteness and act as a servant leader, delighting in entrusting responsibility and setting others up to thrive. This pastor should embrace our church’s current mission, identity and ethos while also bringing a unique call and giftings.
  • Requirements: Graduate of an accredited seminary program, Bible college, or Vineyard Institute. Pastoral experience strongly preferred with demonstrated ability in project management, experience in counseling and other elements of pastoral care. Candidate must be willing to share Sunday service teaching responsibilities with trusted members of the congregation on a regular basis. The Seattle Vineyard is open to a full or part-time pastor, with flexibility or bi-vocational pursuits if desired. We believe a healthy church community thrives when pastors can integrate regular sabbatical into their rhythms.

A good fit would be a pastor who is:

  • Passionate about empowering and discipling people to function in their gifts and expand their ministry.
  • Spirit-filled, creating a culture where sound Biblical grounding is fostered and taken
  • Gifted in administrative management to facilitate/lead the Mission & Vision of church with
    the support of a strategic team.
  • Able to provide ministry leadership unless otherwise entrusted to ministry team leaders.
  • Discipling/supporting/encouraging/holding accountable ministry leaders and deacons.
  • Fostering a healthy staff and collaborative congregational culture.
  • Supporting and encouraging existing ministries like street outreach, arts, and prayer.
  • Facilitating communication between groups.
  • Acting as intercessor, aware of what is life-giving or destructive, protecting the congregation.
  • Meeting regularly and fostering transparent relationships with the elders.
  • Maintaining a relationship with the regional overseer, and is aware of what’s going on in the broader Vineyard community.
  • Experienced with pastoral care.

Community Description

The Seattle Vineyard is a community of people who make time and space to wait on God with counter-cultural expectancy through worship, spending time in our neighborhoods, and with each other. We desire to reflect God’s model of relationship within our community, our leadership, and how we relate to our city. As a small, quirky group of individuals, we are a place that is welcoming – a joyful house of prayer – for those who feel like outsiders, strangers, or marginalized. Isaiah 56 is our founding passage and speaks to the heart of why we are here and what we yearn for as a community. Being with God and learning to hear His voice is transformative and has brought unity and goodness to our church.

We are a community of 80-100 individuals including lots of kids, meeting in a historic 1907 church building in the heart of the University District, North Seattle. The church is a diverse mix of ages, socio-economic levels and backgrounds. We seek to build ethnic and racial diversity as we engage with international students and others in the neighborhood.

The church building is two blocks from the University of Washington campus, and the neighborhood is home to students from all around the world, homeless youth, and local business owners (three restaurants rent space in the lower level of our church building). We host a space every week for youth living on the street to have breakfast and engage with topics of faith. Arts and creative language are also a part of our identity as a community and how we engage in worship.

Seattle is gorgeous (we may be biased), and is close to ocean, mountains, forest, and a wealth of places to enjoy being outside. As a city, Seattle is growing quickly, more people are moving here for jobs, and a new light rail station is being built just a block from the church. Our presence in this shifting urban environment is intentional, and we gather in this location from all over Seattle to be a light, a safe space, and welcomers of people and of the Holy Spirit.

Earlier this year, our much-loved pastors of ten years stepped down to pursue a calling in Japan. Through this season of transition, ministry leaders and congregation members have stepped up to empower the body and help keep ministries running. We treasure this sharing of leadership and seek to strengthen and empower leaders in the community. As a church body, we want to be connected to each other in deeper relationships, build diversity, and love our neighborhood.

Whoever you are, we have been praying for you.


Salary starting at $75,000 annually FTE or DOE plus medical and dental coverage with HSA, 401K on 1:1 match basis (up to 3% of salary), and pastoral liability coverage.

To Apply

Please send your resume, a cover letter, and a recent preaching sample to

Seattle Vineyard Founding Passage

Isaiah 56

[…] Let no foreigner who is bound to the Lord say,

“The Lord will surely exclude me from his people.”

And let no eunuch complain,

“I am only a dry tree.”


For this is what the Lord says:

“To the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths,

who choose what pleases me

and hold fast to my covenant—


to them I will give within my temple and its walls

a memorial and a name

better than sons and daughters;

I will give them an everlasting name

that will endure forever.


And foreigners who bind themselves to the Lord

to minister to him,

to love the name of the Lord,

and to be his servants,

all who keep the Sabbath without desecrating it

and who hold fast to my covenant—


these I will bring to my holy mountain

and give them joy in my house of prayer.

Their burnt offerings and sacrifices

will be accepted on my altar;

for my house will be called

a house of prayer for all nations.”


The Sovereign Lord declares—

he who gathers the exiles of Israel:

“I will gather still others to them

besides those already gathered.”

To apply for this job email your details to