A Letter From Phil: Highlights From Our National Conference

A letter from Vineyard USA National Director, Phil Strout, highlighting many of the gifts we experienced from God at our 2017 National Conference.

Phil and Jan Strout

National Director, Vineyard USA


The memories of what so many of us experienced at our National Conference, Together, Leaning Outward, continue to bring a smile to my face.

So many things were wonderful about the conference, including how the Anaheim Vineyard so graciously hosted us.

But here are just a few things that continue to stir my soul.

  • Seeing the intensity of worship being experienced by our adults, youth, and children is such a powerful testimony to our commitment to intimacy with Christ. We’re gaining a growing awareness of other styles of worship in our wider Vineyard family, and we all responded to those with such joy!
  • There was the abundance of ministry time. We started right out of the gate with such a rich time of prayer for one another. Throughout the week, there was much prophetic buzz in the room, and the Holy Spirit was so active and so generous in our frequent times of ministry!
  • We had many new faces on the stage, and our speakers knocked it out of the park! They taught from the heart on themes related to being a diverse, together-leaning-outward family, and we all heard something we needed to hear. We covered a lot of ground, but we have both the grace and capacity to range far and wide together, listening for the voice of Jesus to lead us on!
  • We took some big swings, and we’ll keep growing as we do, but it felt like there was connection happening all over the room in every gathering – we are walking out the journey together of being Jesus’ Church in our day. It’s worth the risk, and the effort to come together!
  • Side meetings on Bi-Vocational Ministry, Evangelism and so much more were all met with enthusiasm as people felt encouraged and renewed (and we all left with some good work to do).
  • Chris Wright wove together rich teaching from the Bible, impacting us with deep biblical/theological content and painting the big story in a way that fueled the Kingdom-engine of our movement. We are very grateful for his ministry to us.
  • Great friends from around the world flew in to join us, just because they wanted to be there with us in Anaheim. #VineyardGlobalFamily.

What a National Conference, and what a Vineyard family we have!

Let’s continue to pray for the Vineyard, as we learn what it means to lean outward to the world with love in our cities, towns, and neighborhoods – together.

And save the date for our next National Conference, happening July 8-11, 2019. While details are still being put together, you won’t want to miss it – this one was off the charts!

Blessings, and let’s live to the greater glory of God, and the well-being of people,


Phil Strout
Vineyard USA National Director