Homero Garcia, La Viña Representative, Multiply Vineyard, answers the question, "What is the Vineyard?"

Homero Garcia

La Viña Representative, Multiply Vineyard

The key to being a successful tightrope walker is balance.

Balance is a matter of life or death. The same applies to the Vineyard. I think the secret of its success is its balance.

If you were to ask me, ‘What is the Vineyard?’ I would have to say that the Vineyard is balance.

It is balance between the evangelical movement and the charismatic and Pentecostal movements. It is balance between being Bible-based and Spirit-empowered.

It is balance between the already and the not yet of the kingdom of God. -Homero Garcia Click To Tweet

It is balance between following traditions and being relevant.

It is balance between letting God do his part in my life and in my church and me doing my part in my life and in my church. It is balance between being a movement and being an autonomous church.

It is balance between being released to be on your own and being held accountable. It is balance between my personal devotional life, my family life, my work life and my ministry life.

I love the Vineyard for its balance.


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