COVID-19 Resource Library

We've gathered a list of COVID-19-related resources for pastors and leaders that we hope will serve you and your churches.

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Pastors, leaders, denominations, and groups world-wide have been creating and exchanging resources to serve the local church as they look for new ways forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Vineyard USA has assembled this list of links from resources that have been shared with our team. We continue to update this list as we are made aware of new resources. New items are added to the top of each category.

If you are a Vineyard Pastor or Leader and would like to share a COVID-19 resource with us, please email us at

COVID-19 & The Church Resources


Article | Research: How Many Churches Are Regathering In Person – Outreach Magazine

Article | What’s Next For The Church? – Outreach Magazine

Article | Church After Covid-19: Three Hard Realities the Church Must Face – Church Leaders

Article | Five Discussions To Have Before Meeting In Person With Your TeensVineyard Youth USA

Article | Reopening Your Kids MinistriesVineyard Kids USA

Resource | Resuming In-Person Services FAQs – The Keys Vineyard Community Church

Resource | FAQs For ReopeningVineyard Church North Phoenix

Video | When We Gather: Public Health Considerations For Reopening By Dr. Danielle & Joey WalkerMeeting TENTS & Vineyard USA

Article | Code Yellow: Thinking Through How & When Churches Should Reopen By Charlie Cotherman – Vineyard USA

Article | The Things You Need To Think About Before You Reopen Your Church – Church Leaders

Article | What Relaunching The Church Might Look Like Over The Next 3-12 Months – Christianity Today


Resources | Resources For Church Leaders Navigating The COVID-19 Crisis – Convoy Of Hope

Resources | Church Crisis Toolkit – Barna Group’s State Of The Church 2020

Resources | Care Package For The Church – The National Association Of Evangelicals (NAE)

Resources | Coronavirus & The ChurchPEACE (The Peace Plan), the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, and the Humanitarian Disaster Institute.

Resources | Church Resources For Navigating COVID-19Vanderbloemen

Resources | COVID-19 Resources & SupportThe ARC (Association Of Relational Churches).

Resources | Coronavirus ResourcesVineyard Churches UK & Ireland


Article | Serving A Food Desert During COVID-19 By Ulises & Reyna Bello – Vineyard USA

Article | Being The Church Without A Building By John Elmer – Vineyard USA

Article | Making The Most Of An UN-Ideal Set Of Circumstances By Kurt Attaway – Vineyard USA

Article | Embracing A New Normal, Just Like The Disciples By Joel Seymour – Vineyard USA

Article | Pastoring Through A Pandemic By Phil Chorlain – Vineyard USA

Article | Between Reality & Return: One Church’s Approach To Reopening By Sharon McCarter (Pastor, Vineyard Maryville) – Vineyard USA

Article | Vineyard Churches Caring For Their Communities During COVID-19 – Vineyard USA

Vineyard Ministries & Initiatives Resources


Article | COVID Check-In: How Are Your Worship Leaders Doing?

Podcast Episode | What Is God Inviting Us Into In This Season With Adam & Heather Russell

Podcast Episode | COVID Check-In – The New Normal – What’s Next For Our Churches? – Jay Pathak (Lead Pastor, Mile High Vineyard)

Podcast Episode | COVID Check-In – Dr. Elizabeth O. Pierre (Licensed Professional Counselor, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care, Counseling, & Counseling Psychology at North Park University in Chicago, IL)

Podcast Episode | COVID Check-In With Phil Chorlian (Pastor, North Jersey Vineyard)

Podcast Episode | COVID Check-In With John & Judith Hix (Pastors, Seattle Vineyard)

Podcast Episode | COVID Check-In With Hal Donaldson (CEO, Convoy Of Hope)

Zoom Workshop | Using Zoom For Your Church: Best Practices And Things We Are Learning

Video Training | Better Sound At Home: Mike O’Brien (Vineyard School Of Worship)

Zoom Discussion | Leading Worship During Quarantine (With Panelists Anabeth Morgan, Justin Law, Antoine Durán, Mitchell Maldonado, and Melisa Keller)

Podcast Episode | COVID Check-In NYC (John & Kara Kim – Pastors of The 166)

Podcast Episode | Steve Cuss – Pastor & Author of Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours & Theirs

Podcast Episode | Leading Our Families, Our Churches, & Ourselves Through This Time With Adam & Heather Russell


Podcast Episode | Virtual Church: A New Context For The Same Mission By Alison Groenendyk

Article | Preparing For Life On The Other Side Of COVID By Danielle Pathak

Article | Finding Peace Amidst The Chaos By Chris Knudsen

Article | Maintaining Momentum During COVID-19 By Danelle Jackson

Article | Leading Even When You’re Anxious By Vicki Esh

Article | Pressing into to Outreach During the Pandemic

Article | What’s Working for Vineyard Church Planters in the Midst of COVID-19

Article | Communications Considerations: Ideas For Engaging Your Church Online By Abbey Mahoney

Article | Doing Church During The Coronavirus

Article | Leaning In: Christ, Calling, and Community During a Pandemic By Charlie Cotherman

Article | 10 Things You Should Do Differently When Preaching Online By John Willison

Podcast Episode | Taking Care Of Yourself Is Not A Luxury, It’s A Necessity (Dr. Elizabeth Pierre)

Podcast Episode | Into The Desert: Consenting To What We Did Not Choose And Fighting The Right Enemy (Jared Patrick Boyd)

Podcast Episode | When The Story of COVID-19 Gets Told, Let’s Make Sure We Have Stories Worth Telling (Christopher Meekins)

Podcast Episode | The Asian-American Experience And Confronting Racism Amplified By COVID-19 (Dennis Liu)

Podcast Episode | Right Now We Need The Church To Be Good Neighbors In Careful, Thoughtful And Smart Ways — The Art of Neighboring (Dave Runyon)

Podcast Episode | Using Zoom With Your Church — Best Practices And Things We’re Learning (Melisa Keller)

Podcast Episode | Taking Your Church Online — Best Practices From Vineyard Columbus (Andrew Oswalt)

Podcast Episode | Taking Your Church Online — Best Practices From The Church In Shanghai (John Willison)


Article | Been Through This Before! Lessons From A Vineyard Missions Leader Who Pastored In China During The SARS Pandemic


Blog Post | Hard Conversations – In A Time Of Challenge

Blog Post | 30 Daily Risk Challenges In A Season Of Social Distancing

Blog Post |Opportunities In The Interruptions: How To Serve Young Adults During COVID

Blog Post | How To Study and Use The 5 Step Prayer Model During The COVID Crisis

Blog Post | 5 Ideas For Overcoming Anxiety During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Blog Post | 10 Verses For Beating Fear During The COVID-19 Crisis

Blog Post | How To Pray During A World Health Crisis

Resource | Encouraging Kids Coloring Pages

Resources | Five Day Family Devotional


Article | Five Discussions To Have Before Meeting In Person With Your Teens

Resource | COVID-19 Youth Group Resources


Article | Reopening Your Kids Ministries

Resource | Vineyard Kids Devotionals “The Best Devo Ever”

Resource | Vineyard Kids Resources

Communications & Technical Resources

Article | Ramping Up Digital Outreach During The OutbreakOutreach Magazine

Evangelism Resources

Article | Pandemic Power Evangelism By Clay Harrington – Vineyard USA

Video | How Do We Evangelize In A Pandemic? By Melanie Forsythe –  Vineyard USA

Article | No Lockdown For The Gospel | A Story From Alpha USA – Vineyard USA

Financial Resources

Article | Pivoting Your Church Budget – Outreach Magazine

Resources | Managing Tough Financial Times – Church Law & Tax

Video | Digital Giving With Todd McMichen (Recordings of emergency coaching Zoom calls with Todd McMichen, Director of Generosity & Digital Giving at LifeWay Christian Resources) – Vineyard USA

Resource | Disaster Loan Assistance  (Federal Disaster Loans for Businesses, Private Non-profits, Homeowners & Renters) – U.S. Small Business Administration

Resource | Generosity Resources – LifeWay

Pastor Resources

Video | Leading Through Chaos By Brenda Gatlin – Vineyard USA

Video | A Conversation On Loneliness & Anger With Dr. Thomas Campion – Vineyard USA

Article | 5 Ways Church Will Have Changed One Year From Now – Church Answers

Article | Funeral Planning During COVID-19 By Brad Bailey – Vineyard USA

Resource | Love Your Neighbor Quick-Start Guide For Churches – Meet The Need

Video | Neighboring In The Wake Of COVID-19 |  A Conversation With Jay Pathak & Phil Strout – Vineyard USA

Video | Caring For Caregivers | A Conversation With Kris Miller & Phil Strout – Vineyard USA

Video | Caring For Caregivers | A Conversation With Todd Hunter & Phil Strout – Vineyard USA

Article | Leading Beyond the Blizzard: Why Every Organization Is Now a StartupThe Praxis Journal

Article | This Is Not the Crisis, But It Is Just A Few Weeks Away – Christianity Today

Article | 10 Things You Should Do Differently When Preaching Online – Premier Christianity

Article | Pastors From Europe Tell North America: Get Ready Now – Christianity Today

Article | Which Churches Will Survive; And Which May Fail In A Pandemic – Biblical Leadership

Kids & Youth Resources

Article | Journey Toward A New Beginning: How Do We Disciple Children Now? – Logan Leadership

Article | 4 Tools The Pandemic Has Uncovered For Special-Needs Ministry – Outreach Magazine

Resource | Complete Online Kids Services – Open Network

Public Health & Safety Resources

Video | When We Gather: Public Health Considerations For Reopening By Dr. Danielle & Joey WalkerMeeting TENTS & Vineyard USA

Video | COVID-19 Update With Dr. Danielle Walker (Public Health Specialist)Meeting TENTS & Vineyard Anaheim

Mental Health Resources

Article | Why Am I So Tired? (On Trauma & Grief) – Parasol Wellness Collaborative

Video | Becoming A Non-Anxious Presence – Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

Soul Care Resources

Article | COVID-19 Musings From A Vineyard Pastor By Lucas Grainger – Vineyard USA

Article | When We Don’t Know What To Do By Susan O’Brien – Vineyard USA

Article | An Illusion Of Control By Karen Fields – Vineyard USA

Article | Into The Desert: Consenting To What We Did Not Choose & Fighting The Right Enemy By Jared Patrick Boyd – Vineyard USA

Resource | Examen For Life During COVID – Ignatian Solidarity Network