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Welcome to our library of resources on EDLD (Evangelize, Disciple, Lead, Diversify) – Do It Again!

We will continue to refresh this page with new resources designed to equip you as you continue to be about the work of these essential Kingdom practices!

What is EDLD – Do It Again?

As the earliest disciples experienced, doing what Jesus invited us to do with him can keep us on course with God’s heart for the world. And what essential practices did Jesus do, and teach us to do? We can summarize the essential practices of Kingdom people with these four words:

Evangelize. Disciple. Lead. Diversify. Do it again!

These activities are the nonnegotiables of life with Jesus. He has never stopped doing the work of evangelism, discipling individuals, nurturing them as leaders, and reaching out to the least, the last, and the lost of every tribe, age, and language.

We will never outgrow the need for these essential practices to rise again and again to the top of our list of priorities. Not only will the Kingdom expand, but what we do as we “EDLD” others will keep us on track – and change our hearts in the process.


EDLD – Do It Again

Article | EDLD: An Introduction

Article | EDLD: Essential Practices Of Kingdom People

Video | What Is EDLD? (Phil Strout)

Video | What Does EDLD Mean? (Phil Strout)

Video | ¿Qué es EDLD? Evangelismo, Discipulado, Liderazgo, Diversidad (Phil Strout)


Video | The Greatness Of The Gospel (Phil Strout)

Article | The Gospel Remains Unhindered (Mark Fields)

Article | Pandemic Power Evangelism (Clay Harrington)

Video | How Do We Evangelize In A Global Pandemic? (Melanie Forsythe)

Article | No Lockdown For The Gospel | A Story From Alpha USA (John Wentz)

Article | Evangelism: Share The Good News!

Video | Evangelism As Overflow (Phil Strout)

Videos | The One More Evangelism & Church Growth Summit 2020 | Session Recordings

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Article | Disciples Are Trained, Not Born

Article | Discipleship: Help Christians Grow

Article | Let’s Get Simple: How To Disciple (Danielle Pathak)

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Video | What I Learned Through My Heart Attack And Recovery (Phil Strout)

Video | How Is Your Soul? (Phil Strout)

Video | Duty, Discipline, And Delight (Phil Strout)

Video | Learning To Care For Your Soul (Phil Strout)

Video | How Ignatian Spirituality Altered My Life (Phil Strout)

Video | Ecstasy, Routine, And Examen (Phil Strout)

Video | My Dream For A Vineyard Person (Phil Strout)

Video | Everybody Gets To Play (Phil Strout)

Video | Being Naturally Supernatural (Phil Strout)

Video | Rich Nathan – “We Want To Do What We See The Father Doing” (Rich Nathan)

Video | People Of The Kingdom (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | People Of The Scriptures (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | People Of The Spirit (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | Ministry In The Power Of The Spirit (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | Remember The Poor (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Church We Love (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Gift Of Worship (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Gospel As The Main And Plain (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Main And The Plain (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Now And Not Yet (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | Worshipers Of God (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | How Music Opens The Way To Intimacy With God (Anabeth Morgan)

Video | I Love The Holy Spirit (Dianne Leman)

Video | How We Train Someone To Follow Jesus (Phil Strout)

Video | Getting Grace Right (Mike Turrigiano)

Video | Sweet Surrender (Rose Swetman)

Video | Being and Doing (Cindy Nicholson)

Video | The Relentless Pursuit of God (Vanessa Jergensen)

Video | Trusting God (Mike Turrigiano)

Video | Reflection on the Youth of the Vineyard (Jenna Stepp)

Video | What Matters to Jesus? (Jenna Stepp)

Video | Losing People (Steve Nicholson)


Article | Leadership & Unity (Julie Yoder)

Article | Follow Well To Lead Well (Dennis Liu)

Video | Leading Through Chaos (Brenda Gatlin)

Video | Leaders’ Lives Change (Brenda Gatlin)

Article | Why We Continue To Send Out Our Very Best Leaders (Brenda & Michael Gatlin)

Article | Multiethnic Leadership In Global Missions (Jeremy Pleasant)

Article | Multiplying Kingdom Leaders (Kirk Yamaguchi)

Article | 10 Lessons From 45 Years Training Leaders (Steve Nicholson)

Article | How To Multiply Leaders: The IRTDMN Approach

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Video | The 3 P’s The Presence Of God (Phil Strout)

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Video | 4 Aspects Of A Vineyard Leader (Rich Nathan)

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Video | Because You Say So I Will (Rich Nathan)

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Video | The Vineyard Leader, ‘I Am Called By God’ (Rich Nathan)

Video | The Vineyard Leader, ‘I Am The Beloved Of God’ (Rich Nathan)

Video | We Don’t Choose Our Callings (Rich Nathan)

Video | A Healthy Balance In Family Life & Ministry (Sharon & Aaron McCarter)

Video | Resourcefulness, Sabbath Keeping, & Marriage Boosting (Sharon & Aaron McCarter)

Video | What God Is Doing With The Poor Around You (Phil Chorlian)

Video | How Your Church Can Get Started Caring For The Poor (Phil Chorlian)

Video | Being Present With Those You Are Sending (Mark Pope)

Video | Seize the Opportunity (Le Que Heidkamp)

Video | Learning From the Sages (Jonny Zaporo)

Video | Wisdom for Young Pastors (Jonny Zaporo)

Video | Let Jesus Take the Lead (Karen Fields)

Video | Losing People (Steve Nicholson)

Video | People Processors NOT People Keepers (Steve Nicholson)

Video | Ten Lessons From 45 Years Training Leaders (Steve Nicholson)


Article | Get Proximate: The Art Of Radical Mercy & Staying Hopeful In COVID Times

Video | Diversity In The Kingdom Is Like A Potluck

Article | Diversity: Reach Out To Those Different Than You

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Video | Diversity Is A Kingdom Ideal (Geno Olison)

Video | Paul’s Mustard Seed Revolution (Kathy Maskell)

Video | Cultural Competence In The Bible (Josh Williams)

Video | We Are Called To Tear Down Walls (Geno Olison)

Video | Paying A Price To Impact Your Community (Rich Nathan)

Video | No Longer A Slave, But A Brother (Kathy Maskell)

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Video | We Must Not Be Afraid Of Our History (Caleb Maskell)

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Video | Language & The Power Of Inclusion (Phil Strout)

Video | How You & Your Church Can Embrace Diversity (Geno Olison)

Video | The Reality Of Racism (Geno Olison)

Video | Knowing Who You Are (Le Que Heidkamp)

Video | Equipping Women In Ministry (Le Que Heidkamp)

Video | The Power Of Gentleness (Le Que Heidkamp)

Video | A Reconciling Movement: Excerpts From Vineyard Global Family 2015

We will continue to refresh this page with new resources designed to equip you as you continue to be about the work of these essential Kingdom practices!