Thriving Church, Thriving Marriage: How To Co-Pastor With Your Spouse

Multiply Vineyard sits down with Phil & Jan Strout and Michael & Brenda Gatlin for a conversation about their journey co-pastoring with their spouse.

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Thriving Church, Thriving Marriage: How to Co-Pastor with your Spouse

Working and co-pastoring with your spouse comes with unique dynamics. We invite you to sit around the table with Phil and Jan Strout and Brenda and Michael Gatlin for an honest conversation on how to have thriving marriages that support thriving churches. This webinar is great for anyone in ministry with their spouse and church planters who are discerning and beginning their journey together.

What You’ll Learn:
How to do Co-Discernment with your Spouse
The Importance of Seeing and Supporting Each Other’s Gifts
Smart Ways to be Investing In Your Marriage


Michael & Brenda Gatlin
Pastors of the Duluth Vineyard Church

Phil & Janet Strout
National Director, Vineyard USA

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