Discovering My True Self As A Woman In Leadership Copy

In Episode 12 of the How to Plant a Healthy Church Podcast, Janice Ornquist and Brenda Gatlin share about how to find your true self while still staying committed in all of life's callings.

Brenda Gatlin

Regional Leader, Midwest North, Vineyard USA

Janice Ornquist

Pastor, Lakes Area Vineyard, Detroit Lakes, MN

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Have you ever felt the need to try to be someone else in order to work with people? What if you didn’t have to be someone else to do ministry? Learn from Vineyard leaders Janice Ornquist and Brenda Gatlin about how to find your true self while still staying committed in all of life’s callings from ministry to marriage and parenting to personal health.

Our Guests

Janice Ornquist | Spiritual Director, Church Planter, Pastor | Lakes Area Vineyard Church
Janice and her husband, Bryan, live on a small hobby ranch in the lakes country of northwest Minnesota. She loves being with people of all ages and currently serves at Lakes Area Vineyard Church as a pastor where she served as co-senior pastor for 20 years. She loves time in her flower gardens, boating, playing with her horses, dogs, and rag-doll cats plus long walks with friends and Jesus. As a certified and active Spiritual Director, her passion is to lead adults and kids into contemplative spirituality and transformative growth.

Brenda Gatlin | Co-Senior Pastor of the Vineyard Church, Duluth MN
Brenda, affectionately known as “B” had the assurance of a life-time call to ministry when she was a teenager and has been following that path ever since. She is passionate about seeing people become whole and be a right reflection of who God is. Her favorite ways to spend spare time are long talks over coffee with friends about God, or riding her motorcycle along with Michael up the North Shore of Lake Superior or getting lost in Canada on windy roads. She is crazy about watching Professional Bull Riding, listens to country music, and dreams of driving a big truck someday.

Brenda is a Senior Pastor at Duluth Vineyard, has served as an Area Pastor in her Region, and in 2012 was appointed as the Regional Leader for the Midwest North Region, serving and caring for 8 Area Pastors and about 50 local churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Chicago, IL area.

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