Your Theology – The Story Of Who You Are And Who You’re Becoming

In this episode of the How To Plant A Healthy Church Podcast, Steve Nicholson shares on how our theology shapes who we are and who we’re becoming.

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Steve Nicholson

Senior Pastor, Vineyard Christian Church, Evanston, IL

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On this week’s episode, our host Michael Gatlin sits down with long-time pastor, conference speaker, and church planting guru, Steve Nicholson. Steve and his wife Cindy planted the Evanston Vineyard in the greater Chicago area close to 44 years ago. Steve’s deep experience in the practical theology of local church ministry is an invaluable resource. Check out this important conversation about how our theology shapes who we are and who we’re becoming both individually and as local churches communities.


Our Guest

Steve Nicholson I Evanston Vineyard

Steve Nicholson is the long-time senior pastor of the Evanston Vineyard outside of Chicago, IL, and has served the Vineyard movement for 40 years training church leaders and church planters across the globe.

Steve began ministering as a college student through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the early ‘70s. After graduating, he moved to the Chicago area where he and several other 20-something leaders founded a church that placed a high priority on contemporary worship, biblical teaching, committed relationships as a church family, and an openness to the work of the Holy Spirit.

That church, now the Evanston Vineyard, is today a diverse congregation from over 50 nations with no majority racial or cultural group.  In addition, the Evanston Vineyard has planted 10 other congregations in the Chicago area and another 15 in other cities and countries.

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