Using Zoom With Your Church — Best Practices And Things We’re Learning With Melisa Keller

In this episode of the How To Plant A Healthy Church Podcast, Vineyard Fullerton's Melisa Keller shares on how they're using the video conferencing platform Zoom to handle their small groups and weekend services.

Melisa Keller

Melisa Keller

Event Director for Vineyard Worship

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In this time where churches are moving their services online en masse , Vineyard Fullerton took another approach using the video conferencing platform Zoom to not only handle their small group meetings but actually run their entire weekend service. Their innovative approach is described in detail by Melisa Keller, Event Director for Vineyard Worship and member of Vineyard Fullerton’s leadership team. Melisa has years of experience with the Zoom platform which enabled Vineyard Fullerton’s rapid adoption of this innovative approach to online church. Lots to learn here for churches of all sizes and shapes!


Our Guest

Melisa Keller

Melisa Keller began working for Vineyard Music as an intern in the events department before taking a position as Administrative Assistant to the Events Director, where she helped coordinate various events. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and working jobs in event planning for a local museum and a national dance organization, Melisa returned to her true calling and re-joined the Vineyard Worship team in 2007.

In her second tour with Vineyard Worship, Melisa now plans and executes the Vineyard Worship Leader Retreats and other events for Vineyard Worship, and serves as a project manager for all products and album releases.

Today, Melisa leads worship at Vineyard Fullerton in Fullerton, CA, and has stepped into more of a training role, speaking and teaching in churches and worship-related workshops and events throughout the country.

Melisa recently earned her MBA in Hospitality Management, which has enabled her to better enjoy food, wine, good music and good times with family and friends. One of her greatest passions is visiting hotels while traveling and giving them unsolicited feedback and pointers. She has only received one thank-you note to date.


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