Join Us In Prayer For Vineyards Impacted By Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma has impacted Vineyard churches in Florida and Puerto Rico, please join us in prayer. Watch here for updates.

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FROM KEVIN FISCHER, RL Florida/Puerto Rico


As you know, Hurricane Irma was an unwelcome guest for the state of Florida. Its winds covered the entire state and affected everyone in the state in one way or another.
Most, if not all Florida Vineyards, canceled their weekend services in anticipation of the arrival of Irma. Just that alone was already an impact.

Then, as the storm came ashore first in the Florida Keys and then up the west coast of the state, the impact was varied depending upon where someone lives.

The good news is that all of our Vineyard people are safe, and most peoples’ homes and churches weathered this storm with little or no structural damage.

There is still some damage to awnings, screened enclosures, etc., but for the most part, Irma wreaked havoc on trees and fences, leaving some minor roof leaks and loss of electrical power.

Over five million homes in Florida were without power and many are still without power today, including mine.  

The most severe damage took place in the Florida Keys where Big Pine Key Vineyard is located. Pastor Steve Lawes’ home, and his church building, took a direct hit from the eye of the storm.

This past week, for the first time, he was able to drive to inspect the damage. I have not heard from Steve yet, but he told me it could be awhile before his people are even allowed to return to their homes.

I’m sure in the weeks ahead we’ll be able to serve him and his community, but for right now, no one is allowed into the Florida Keys unless you own property.

[Monday Update: The Big Pine community was devastated by Irma. At the moment they have no running water, no electrity and no sewage. They could be without these basic services for a month.]
The news on Puerto Rico is very similar to that of Florida. All the churches and their people are OK. They’re just doing cleanup and waiting for power to be restored.
Some good news: I’ve been getting reports of Vineyard churches serving their communities in all kinds of ways; giving out water, supplies, opening up their buildings for people in need of AC and some cell phone charging, helping to serve meals, etc. 

It’s great to be a part of a movement that demonstrates the compassion of Christ in tangible ways.
All in all, we dodged a bullet. It could have been much worse. We’re grateful and thankful and praying for our friends and neighbors to the east (Islands) and to the south (Cuba) which really took Irma’s wrath.
Please keep praying for power to be restored and for the Kingdom to come.
Kevin Fischer
Florida/Puerto Rico Regional Leader



Irma Update From Bryan McLees
Church Relations Director
Convoy Of Hope

[To help re/ Irma, click here to go to]

“While Irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm, it still caused mass destruction overnight in Florida. Nearly 6 million people lost power across the state.

Our Disaster Services team has been working with local partners and they have identified locations for distribution sites in the coming days.

In addition to the two loads we had pre-positioned ahead of the storm, we have multiple loads en route to provide relief to storm survivors in need.

Additionally, our team in the BVI is working with governmental leaders to establish a distribution plan for food and relief supplies.

As people start running out of cash — and food and water are already scarce — the situation needs desperate help from organizations like Convoy.

For more information, see:

Thank you for standing together.



For how you can help those impacted by Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico and Florida, see here:

For our post on how you can help re/ Hurricane Harvey and send teams to our churches in Texas, see here:


Bubba Justice, National Coordinator, Vineyard USA


Dear Vineyard pastors,

As we continue to pray for our Vineyards in Texas related to Harvey, our Vineyards in Florida and Puerto Rico are now being impacted by Hurricane Irma.

I just spoke with Kevin Fischer (Regional Leader, Florida Region). He is in the process of preparing his home for the hurricane and evacuating Miami. Big Key Vineyard has already evacuated.

Most of the South Florida Vineyards are closed and the families in the churches are evacuating. We assume the same for Puerto Rico as well.

I have been in contact with Bryan McLees about Convoy Of Hope and they have supplies prepositioned. We are already coordinating with Convoy as they deliver supplies as soon as possible.

We will not know specific ways to help, or how individual churches have been affected, until after the storm has passed through on Monday.

  • Would you stop right now and pray for God’s mercy?
  • Would you ask your staff and leaders to prayer?
  • Would you ask your congregation to pray?

Let’s continue to let our Florida, Puerto Rico, and Texas churches know that Vineyard churches across the US are praying for them.

Watch this page for prayer updates.



Bubba Justice
National Coordinator
Vineyard USA

Vineyard USA Disaster Relief Partner: Convoy Of Hope

Our Vineyard USA disaster relief partner, Convoy Of Hope, is getting supplies in place to respond to Hurricane Irma. Please join us in prayer and support of their efforts, as well for all those who are being impacted.

Prayer Needs

  • For a miraculous diverting of Hurricane Irma away from the people in its path
  • For safety for those Florida and Puerto Rico Vineyard churches in the path of the storm
  • Our Texas churches as they rebuild and serve their communities after Hurricane Harvey
  • For disaster relief first responders for wisdom, resources, and stamina
  • For all those impacted by Harvey and Irma

How You & Your Church Can Make A Difference

How can you and your church get involved to help those impacted by the recent hurricanes?

AWARENESS: Phil Strout’s video in this post is very helpful, related to helping those in Texas. Watch for more updates on this page on Florida and Puerto Rico, and on our Facebook Page.

GIVE: Details on how to give (as a church or individual) to Convoy are here.

FOLLOW: Get Convoy’s updates on the hurricane response here.

PRAY: Pray for all those impacted, and for the vulnerable to get to safety. Pray for the storms to stop, safety for the people in their path, and for the water to recede.