Multiply Vineyard: Celebrating 23 New Churches in 2020!

Multiply Vineyard

Helping Vineyard churches fulfill their God-given call to multiply.

Celebrating 23 New Churches In 2020

We reached out to the planters of these churches and asked them how we can be praying for them. Here’s what they shared:

Abide Vineyard Church, John Arras
Abide Vineyard Church would like others to join us in praying for unity among the people in our local churches, the broader Church and for our Nation.

Vineyard Longmont, Donna & Alex Ackerman
We ask for prayer for peace and joy as we navigate a busy church life and hectic home life. In our home, we have a remodeling of a bedroom suite for my 84-year-old mom and a building out of a basement for our 3 young adult interns. 8 people, 4 dogs, 3 cats all under 1 roof. Alex is writing a book and fundraising as we are living off our savings. Donna is navigating accounting which gives her a headache. We especially desire God to send us a children’s ministry coordinator or at least someone interested in children, for Jesus to bring boundaries as we continue to reach out to the homeless, anxious, suicidal, and addicted. We are growing in community, worship and the arts. Thank you, Lord!

Vineyard Waco, Megan & Corey Hackworth
Two main things: (1) Spiritually healthy people to help with planting and eventually serve as leaders, and (2) maintaining clear focus as things begin to happen

Iglesia Vina Comunidad Cristiana, Luis Saracual

  • For grace for my family. Raising small kids and being bi-vocational hasn’t been easy for us.
  • For God to open a financial door so I can transition into a more full-time pastoring.
  • For our leadership in our church. We lost half of our leadership during the lockdowns due to high-risk individuals and others moving on.
  • For our church finances. We are still at 30% compared to our pre-COVID budget.
  • For God to send us reinforcements.
  • For a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit in our church. For signs and wonders and healings!

Faithful Presence Vineyard, Cathy & Carlos Noa
Like so many others, we are trying to preserve face-to-face community with safety guidelines. Prayers for innovative solutions to meeting in-person safely. Prayers for the work Jesus wants to do in us as we await his instructions for outward-focused missional activities. Prayers for physical health and protection.

Eagle Vineyard, Rebecca & Lee Adkins

  • We are working to raise funds for Eagle Vineyard. Our goal is to raise 30% (or 150k) of our goal by March. Prayer for that would be greatly appreciated
  • Favor for our family to be included quickly in the community
  • Prayers to discernment as we build our leadership team and elder board
  • Prayers for a meeting space for the church
  • Prayers for a home for our family that is affordable
  • Prayers for our transition as we move to a new area
  • Prayers for clarity on how to best serve the Eagle Valley

Christ the King Vineyard Church, Dan & Laura Sanders
We were released at the beginning of 2020 and did not expect the pandemic. It took us the better part of the year to learn how to function online and gather the equipment needed to do so. We are now able to hold online meetings and are learning more about how to do this every week.

Our specific prayer needs today are:

  • Gathering a leadership team
  • For strategies and clarity in how to effectively engage and reach people online

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