The Best Multiply Vineyard Webinars of 2017

Multiply Vineyard shares their top 2017 webinars! Watch the full recordings in the playlist below or follow the links for even more resources.

Multiply Vineyard

Helping Vineyard churches fulfill their God-given call to multiply.

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Multiply Vineyard comes alongside local churches by providing free webinars every month where you can interact with practitioners, pastors, and leaders in making disciples. The topics are meant to encourage you, challenge you, and help you and your church grow.

Below are some of the best Multiply Vineyard webinars from the last year. You can watch the full recordings below or follow the links for even more resources.

Vineyard Preaching Essentials
One core component to a healthy church plant is teaching the community through preaching. Watch this conversation on how to hone your best message and find your voice while preaching.

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Thriving Ministry, Thriving Marriage: How To Co Pastor With Your Spouse Webinar
This honest conversation with Phil and Jan Strout and Brenda and Michael Gatlin on how to have thriving marriages that support thriving churches.

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Practicing Diversity in your Local Vineyard Church
Have you been looking for steps to live out Christ’s vision for the diversity of the kingdom? Watch this conversation that highlights some of the key principles from the Better Together Conference.

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Using the Enneagram to Clarify Your Calling
Unlock self-awareness with the Enneagram, one of history’s oldest personality typing systems. Hear from pastors who have used this for their own life and ministry.

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Finding My Calling As a Woman Church Planter
Hear stories from women church planters of finding and living out their callings and get next steps if you’re feeling called to plant churches.

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Multiply Vineyard is a community of pastors and leaders working to fulfill God’s invitation to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches. Whether you’re a potential planter or a pastor, we’d love for you to join this community. Check out some resources, engage in relationship, and let’s multiply our churches together.