Vineyard USA Reorganization Roundtable

In these videos, members of the Vineyard USA ReOrg Team and Executive Team share why we are doing a reorganization now, the challenges we are facing, how this process will work, what has been done so far, and what we have to look forward to as we reimagine our future!

Vineyard USA

Extending the Kingdom of God through church planting and missional living.

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Read an update from late 2021 on the Vineyard USA Reorganization and Transitions process including interim and final reports, FAQs, and next steps.

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Part 1 | Why Are We Doing The ReOrg Now?

Part 2 | What Are The Challenges We Are Facing?

Part 3 | How Does The ReOrg Process Function?

Part 4 | What Has Been Done In The ReOrg So Far?

Part 5 | What Are The Benefits Of The ReOrg For Local Church Pastors?

Part 6 | Phil Strout On The Way Forward

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Click here for an overview of how we’re reimagining our future and the Vineyard USA ReOrg process, team, FAQs, and more.