THRIVE Worship Leader Training

Thrive is an ALL AGES online worship leader training soaked in Kingdom Values and practice – you can choose to attend LIVE, or AUDIT the course and learn at your own pace.

This year we are focusing on cultivating worship leadership that is rooted in being a non-anxious presence both on and off the stage. As we prepare sets, lead musicians, and navigate tech challenges, how can we lead with both boldness and kindness? How do we frame God’s story through worship amongst political division, racial tensions, and a world-wide pandemic?

There will be multiple practical breakouts as well as deep discussions about our roles as worship leaders/pastors. We hope you join us, and we can’t wait to learn together this fall!

For those in the ALL IN tier, the breakout rooms will give you a chance to talk out what you are learning with a seasoned coach. If you opt for the ALL IN+ you will receive over 2 additional hours of one-on-one coaching in songwriting, spiritual direction, and worship leadership.