Finding Support

Every pastor and ministry leader should develop a team around them to lend support, discernment and encouragement for the individual issues that arise.

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Just as sports teams recruit for specific positions, we can also intentionally recruit additional support for our own life. It takes time and patience as well as emotional and financial investment but is so worth it as we work to build a culture of healthy leaders!

There are many roles that we can consider for help. Mentors can offer life experience and wisdom for different stages we find challenging. Coaches work with you to develop goals pertaining to things you want to achieve. Therapists can help you understand patterns learned from your family of origin that often bring ways of thinking and behaving that need help. Spiritual Directors are spiritual companions on your journey and often sit in places of discernment and transition and help you hear God’s voice.

Read this helpful article for more description of these roles.

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Vineyard Coaching Network

Vineyard USA offers a coaching network of qualified and professional coaches for personal and professional development.

Vineyard Spiritual Directors

We are currently building a network of spiritual directors and mentors to better serve our pastors and leaders.

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