An Encouragement From Phil Strout: God is Preparing Us

In this letter from Phil Strout, he reminds the movement of how God is helping us, protecting us, preparing us, and inviting us into all He has for us in the coming days. 

Phil Strout

National Director of Vineyard USA


Jan and I have been able to take a bit of time off and are getting ready to celebrate my mother’s 88th birthday.   I hope you have had a chance to take some vacation time with your loved ones.

I’ve been reflecting on the journey our VineyardUSA family has made and is making through 2021.  I am delighted to see the unity, discernment, and clarity that has led us to this point.

I believe that God is helping us, protecting us, preparing us, and inviting us into what He plans to do in the years to come through His Church – and through the Vineyard He loves.

Two major initiatives have been the focus for Jay Pathak (our National Director-Elect) the Vineyard USA team, and me in the last month – the upcoming National Conference in October and the building of the new National Team, including our Associate National Directors and Super Regional Leaders.

The National Conference is shaping up to be an incredible time of honoring our past while looking forward toward all the God is calling us to in the future as the Vineyard. Through this time together, I believe God will call us again to unity and bond us in a way that can only happen through His Spirit. I’d encourage you to prioritize being with us for this week in October, as well as invite staff and leaders from your church who would benefit from experiencing a filling of God’s presence and relationships with other leaders from around the country.

As we plan for our conference, we are also looking toward the future of the Vineyard USA team through the hiring of the National Team. There is more information about this process in the SKIM, but I’d like to ask you to keep praying for guidance and discernment as we bring together this team. We have been so encouraged to see so many incredible leaders around the movement apply for these roles and we are confident that God is building a strong team at the center of the Movement to serve our local churches.

Let’s stay the course, allowing our expectation to grow that God will strengthen you and your congregation to “rely on the power and gifts of the Spirit for ministry” as we plant churches, participate in God’s great mission, and extend the reach of the Gospel to every heart that will hear.

To the Greater Glory of God and the well-being of people,

Phil Strout

National Director

Vineyard USA