Report abuse

Report concerns or allegations of sexual misconduct or pastoral abuse using this dedicated email address:

In 2022 Vineyard USA engaged a globally-recognized independent third-party organization — Guidepost Solutions — to assess how Vineyard USA and our churches handle leadership misconduct, moral failings, restoration processes, and allegations of abuse and misconduct.

In March 2023, we asked Guidepost Solutions to set up this 24/7 confidential reporting mechanism so that Vineyard USA church attenders and staff can report any concerns or allegations of sexual misconduct or pastoral abuse. 

Any concern reported to this email will go directly to Guidepost Solutions and not to Vineyard USA. You can report your concerns either with a true name or anonymously. Guidepost will not identify any reporter by name to Vineyard USA without the reporters expressed consent.

If you are reporting criminal activity, we encourage you to also contact your local law enforcement agency. To be clear, reporting to Guidepost does not replace legal mandatory reporting required by your state or local law enforcement.