Ministries, entities, and initiatives with specific focus.


Associations are formally constituted groups of typically under-represented pastors and leaders within Vineyard USA.

Their purpose is to establish intentional environments for leadership development, mentoring, and hospitality, and formal structures by which voices representing groups of typically under-represented pastors and leaders are consistently heard at the national leadership table of Vineyard USA.

National Team

For the first time in our history, Vineyard USA has hired a National Team to lead us through this important season of transitions and into the future God is writing for us. The work of the National Team is to equip, encourage, and further empower local churches in their Kingdom mission. Each member of the team will work everyday to resource Vineyard pastors in their ministries, developing robust, intelligent, integrated systems that will support and strengthen pastors as they pursue their callings in the Kingdom.

ReOrg & Transitions

In 2020 we began a ReOrg to identify fault lines in how we support our local churches & make recommendations for how Vineyard USA can thrive into the future. Learn more in this comprehensive FAQ section about what we learned and the changes we're making as a result.

We are Vineyard.

About 120,000 people call about 500 Vineyard churches home throughout the United States. We have a unique call to Kingdom theology, ministry of the Holy Spirit, justice, and building healthy churches. God is doing great things among us! We believe that this is just the beginning. We are Vineyard.