Asian American Pacific Islander Association

We exist to engage, equip, and empower Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the Vineyard movement.


Provide opportunities for relationship building, where we can process our shared Asian American experiences in a safe space.


Explore & educate ourselves on Asian American Christian Identity/Asian American Vineyard Identity.

Identify Asian Americans within the Vineyard with leadership calling and desire and provide onramps for mentoring and leadership development.

Encourage emotional well-being (explore Asian American mental health, Asian American identity, provide spiritual direction & counseling/inner healing resources).


Provide support for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to do ministry in the Vineyard, including church planting. Provide support for AAPI Women in the Vineyard.

Meet Kirk Yamaguchi, Interim Leader of the AAPI Association

Kirk Yamaguchi is the interim leader of the AAPI Association and Pastor Emeritus of Canyon View Vineyard Church in Grand Junction, CO, and also works with Convoy of Hope as a liaison for church networking.

Before leading Canyon View Vineyard, Kirk and Jane planted a Vineyard in Canyon City, CO. 



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