Vineyard USA National Team

The work of the National Team is to equip, encourage, and further empower local churches in their Kingdom mission. Each member of the team will work everyday to resource Vineyard pastors in their ministries, developing robust, intelligent, integrated systems that will support and strengthen pastors as they pursue their callings in the Kingdom.

Jay Pathak

National Director

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Christina Lowery

Associate National Director, Church Health and Development

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Josh Williams

Associate National Director, Evangelism and Justice

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Caleb Maskell

Caleb Maskell

Associate National Director, Theology and Education

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Danielle Pathak

Associate National Director, Pastoral Health & Formation

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John Elmer

Super Regional Leader

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Joel Seymour

Super Regional Leader

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Charles Montgomery

Associations Strategic Coordinator

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Nicole Dill

Communications Director

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Robb Morgan

Managing Director

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Jason George

Chief Development Officer

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Bubba Justice

Missions Coordinator & Chief Financial Officer

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Christian Weber

Events Director

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About the National Team

About 120,000 people call about 500 Vineyard churches home throughout the United States. Hiring the National Team enables us to better care for our local church pastors - strengthening relationships, building on our sense of family - resulting in stronger, healthier communities wherever there is a Vineyard church.

The ReOrg process made very clear that we need to be better at supporting pastors locally, especially in this moment when demands on them are becoming greater, whether they are full-time, part-time, or bivocational. This new structure will allow us to become a strongly connected national family of healthy churches – each individual and interdependent, more transparent, and more accountable to each other.

This National Team is a diverse group of servant leaders, who have been called together by God to articulate and steward the culture, processes, practices, and theology of our Movement. After a rigorous hiring process and prayerful discernment, the team was unanimously ratified by the Executive Team in September 2021.