Ordination | Talking Points, FAQs and Announcement

March 13, 2024

It is with tremendous excitement that we announce that on March 4, 2024, at Vineyard USA’s annual Leadership meeting in Orlando, an Ordination Process was ratified by a unanimous vote from the Leadership Council of Vineyard USA – the largest governing body of Vineyard USA consisting of all Regional, Area, and Association Leaders. 

Attached you will find the text of the Ordination Process in the Handbook that was ratified. We encourage you to read it and watch the video above that explains the highlights and answers a few key questions that you may have immediately. We have also translated the video transcript into Spanish

I am so grateful to Robb Morgan (Managing Director), the Ordination Lead Team, and the Vineyard USA Leadership Council. This ratification process received the input of more than 100 Vineyard pastors and leaders and culminated in a beautiful, unified commitment to steward the Vineyard movement into the future. 

There is of course much work left to be done to sufficiently answer the questions at the heart of this process: What should a Vineyard pastor be, know, and do? and What should a Vineyard church be, know, and do? Over the next several months, you will receive further communication about our work in this area, including special sessions at the National conference this summer and at your Regional conference this Fall. In Q2 and leading up to the National Conference, you’ll be hearing more from the Ordination Team and me through the SKIM, webcast, and podcasts.

In the meantime, if you have specific questions, please submit them through this form. We also encourage you to reach out to your Area or Regional leader as needed. 


Caleb Maskell and the Ordination Lead Team



  • Ratified into the National Leadership Handbook by unanimous vote of the Leadership Council on March 4, 2024. 
  • The Leadership Council consists of all Regional, Area, and Association Leaders. 
  • The Leadership Council does NOT include National Leadership Team members or Trustees.
  • The Handbook is intended to govern the matters described therein. Changes to the Leadership Handbook shall be approved by the Trustees and presented in a timely manner to the Leadership Council for ratification.
  • The policies and procedures contained within the Handbook are intended to clarify the relationship between Vineyard USA and Vineyard pastors and churches.
  • The Ordination process will “grandfather” all Vineyard pastors ordained prior to June 1, 2025  through an attestation process.
  • The Ordination process outlines a new cooperative process for pastors seeking ordination after June 1, 2025.
  • As part of the implementation of this process, Vineyard churches will need to amend their bylaws to acknowledge the existence of the National Leadership Handbook and the policies and procedures contained therein.
  • The content answering the questions at the heart of our ordination process – What should a Vineyard pastor be, know, and do? and What should a Vineyard church be, know, and do? – will be developed and clarified throughout the remainder of 2024 and the first quarter of 2025.
  • The process of amending local bylaws will be supported by VUSA starting Fall 2024 and communicated at the regional gatherings.
  • The “grandfathering” process for existing ordained Vineyard pastors will begin Fall 2024 and continue through Spring 2025.
  • We will work towards full participation to be celebrated in the summer of 2025. 

Discerning Vineyard Ordination

Key conversations and resources on leading a movement that lasts and the central questions of “What should a Vineyard pastor be, know, and do?”

Podcast Series

Ordination Lead Team

The Ordination Lead Team are helping to think through ways that this process can best serve Vineyard USA, contributing to our stability, clarity, longevity, fidelity, and inclusivity as a movement. 


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