Church Planting, Multisites, & Missional Communities

Planting churches that are kingdom outposts in their communities.

The Vineyard has been called one of the fastest growing church movements of our time. This is what happens when planting churches is one of your highest priorities.

Today there are 600+ Vineyard congregations in the US, 2,400+ Vineyards in 95 countries internationally, and approximately 300,000+ people world-wide who consider a Vineyard their church.

Our call to church planting in all of its current forms – from traditional plants, to multisites, to missional communities, and more – runs deep in our movement. This is because we believe that the world needs Jesus, and local churches in cities, neighborhoods, and towns are still the most effective means of evangelism and discipleship that exists in the world today.

The Vineyard is growing – and we’re just getting started!

How do churches grow like this?

Churches grow, and multiply, when a group of Christians gathers together to worship and to radically serve their community. They then multiply into other like-minded communities in neighboring locations.

We don’t multiply Vineyards because we think we’re the best church in town, but rather because we like who we’re called to be – and we want to reach everyone with the Gospel.

Our Multiply Vineyard taskforce aims to equip and help local churches to multiply.

Multiply Vineyard is our national taskforce dedicated to helping local Vineyard churches start new communities and multiply in size and influence.

Our vision is to extend the kingdom of God by helping our local churches fulfill their God-given call to multiply the church.

We have a national goal to plant 750 new churches by the end of 2023. Join the movement in planting 750 new Vineyard churches in the next 10 years.

 Church Planters

Encouragement, accountability, relationship, resources and training for those called to plant Vineyard churches. Learn more.


Measured, prayerful discernment process for you and your potential planters to explore. Find out more.


Opportunities to learn and grow with content from some of our best multiplication experts and leaders. Get some training.

 La Viña

Planting Spanish language churches in the country with the fastest-growing Hispanic population in the world – the USA. Get to know La Viña.


Resources, coaching, training and support for those exploring the multisite approach to multiplication. Find out more.


Coming alongside sending pastors and church planters to offer support, accountability and encouragement. How we coach.


Working together to impact a particular geographic target area. Find out more about Partnerships.

 Small Town USA

Joining forces to plant Vineyard churches in small towns across America. Discover Small Town.

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