Essential Practices

Evangelism. Discipleship. Leadership. Diversity. Do it again.

Is there always something new, exciting, and entertaining to be experienced as we follow Christ? How can a local church stay focused on our mission?

It’s tempting, in a missional church movement like ours, to lose site of the forest of God’s love for the world (Jn. 3:16) by getting lost in the trees of the “next big fad” sweeping the Church.

In the Vineyard, we love the fresh work of God in each generation. But we also believe that God has been doing what He has always been doing – pursuing human beings with His powerful love.

That’s where the phrase EDLD – Do It Again helps us stay focused. Learn more below.


What is EDLD?

EDLD – Do It Again is a phrase that helps keep us as Vineyard leaders and churches on track. EDLD stands for (E)vangelism, (D)iscipleship, (L)eadership multiplication, and (D)iversity. Once we do this with someone, we do it again – and again, and again.

These practices are the old thing, that is the new thing, that God is always doing.


Evangelism means we believe that helping people coming into relationship with Jesus is the most important work we can do. 


Discipleship means that we train that person to do what Jesus did, becoming like Christ in one’s thoughts, attitudes, and actions.


Leadership multiplication means that we train disciples of Jesus to lead others in areas into which God has uniquely called them. 


Diversity means that we reach out beyond our comfort zones into the lives of those who may not be “like” us, ethnically or otherwise.