Justice & Our Neighborhoods

Participating with God to address poverty, injustice, and oppression.

Since its beginning, the Vineyard has cared for the poor in our neighborhoods, and in turn has been compelled to confront the systems that cause poverty, injustice, and oppression.

Jesus came to demonstrate the rule and reign of God, and where God’s reign is expressed through His people – oppression and injustice can end. Vineyard churches confront injustice in many ways, working to end human trafficking, pursuing reconciliation, eradicating poverty, and caring for the environment. These problems are complex and interconnected, and by working together, we can do more effective work.

God works through people who reach out to the marginalized.

When God is at work through people, those who are on the fringes of society are reached with the love and goodness of the Father.

The Vineyard Justice Network is always working to help our churches see the least, the last, and the lost in their communities, and to be a healing presence.

Vineyard Justice Network aims to equip Vineyard churches to participate in the enactment of God’s justice: to end human trafficking, address unjust systems, eradicate poverty, and support creation care.

VJN (which began as Vineyard Anti-Slavery Team) brings together the wisdom of our shared experience in serving and standing in solidarity with the poor and the least-of-these.

Our network already spans Vineyard churches across 32 states, in every region. We’re also engaged with sister networks in Vineyard Canada, UK & Ireland, and Vineyard Nordic.

 Who Is VJN?

VJN brings together the wisdom of our shared experience to serve and stand in solidarity with the “least-of-these” (Matt. 25:40).

 How Big Is The Network?

Our network already spans Vineyard churches across 32 states, in every region of the country. And we’re growing.


Join in Facebook discussions on the topic of human trafficking, ending poverty, and being led by Kingdom values when addressing justice issues.

 Blogs & Articles

We host a variety of articles on our website encouraging local church leaders to “do justice” in their town, city, and community.


VJN offers webinars on many topics pertinent to further equip the local church to take poverty and injustice seriously.

 Prevention Work

Consider your church’s domestic and international missions partnerships, and integrate anti-trafficking education and awareness for teams. 

 Creation Care

According to the Bible, we are all called to care about the environment. We are called to steward the resources God gives to us with respect and sensitivity.

 How Do I Get Involved?

Do you have a desire to help end slave trafficking, stop poverty, or care for creation? Visit us at our website above and get involved with VJN today.