Vineyard Kids!

Helping children to experience God's love – and to be the Church of today.

Jesus said that if we want to understand the kingdom of God, we should pay attention to kids.

In the Vineyard, our kids are not just the Church of tomorrow – they are the Church of today! We train our kids to follow hard after Jesus, to learn to hear the voice of God, to pray for healing for those who are sick, and to care for the less fortunate around them. Our history is full of stories of God using kids to work His miracles in others’ lives. Visit the Vineyard Kids USA website.

Kids and “The Vineyard Pilgrimage”

From the youngest child to the seasoned sage, The Vineyard Pilgrimage encourages every person to be engaged in the process of growing in their ability to love God and others – because we believe everyone gets to play. Visit the VineyardKids website and learn more about the Vineyard Pilgrimage.

Vineyard USA Kids cares about kids – and their teachers and parents leading them to Jesus.

Jesus called the little children to come to Him, knowing that kids are ready to learn about His love for them at the earliest stages of their lives. We serve parents and children’s workers to lead kids to maturity in Christ. See the Vineyard Kids website.

Vineyard Pilgrimage

Our Vineyard Pilgrimage targets the discipleship of our youngest followers of Jesus, making sure they are equipped for a lifetime.

 Child-sized Learning

We recognize that colorful rooms, joyful music, and engaging teachers play a significant role in the training of little disciples.


Teachers of kids can easily get burned out – we encourage teachers to take care of their own souls as they care for little ones.


We recognize the all-important role that parents play in the lives of their children. Getting resources to parents is a vital part of our work.

 Kids Resources

Vineyard Resources has created Kids materials that teach kids to hear God’s voice, pray for others, and worship God with their whole heart.

 Local Churches

The local church is meant to be the place where children can find community, as well as loving leaders who support their parents.

 The Great Adventure!

We believe that kids have a key role to play in God’s plan in our time, and we want to help them join God’s adventure.

 How Do I Get Involved?

Visit the Vineyard Pilgrimage Facebook page above and message us there. We’ll make sure you get the resources you need.