La Viña

La Viña congregations are meeting the unique needs of Hispanics across the U.S.

A growing movement of 20+ La Viña congregations are meeting the unique needs of Hispanics across the U.S.

In fact, the fifth largest Spanish-speaking population is now residing in the United States. Hispanics can be found almost in every community of this country. La Viña is lead by a team of seasoned leaders who aim to multiply, coach, care for, and help develop La Viña pastors and leaders.

Our vision

Our vision is to plant and help grow churches where Hispanics can meet Jesus, worship the Lord and be ministered in their own language, building a multi ethnic, multicultural and multilingual Vineyard movement.

Meet the La Viña Team

Rubén Quintero, La Viña Multiplica

The fifth largest Spanish-speaking population is now residing in the US. Hispanics can be found almost in every community of this country. They need to hear the Gospel of Jesus in their own language and the Lord wants to build a multi ethnic, multicultural and multilingual church.

Our vision is plant churches where Hispanics can meet Jesus, worship the Lord and be ministered in their own language.

There are 3 simple ways you can get involved:

  • Pray – Join our prayer group. Our goal is to recruit more than 200 intercessors that will pray frequently for our vision and our church planters.
  • Provide – Give us the contact info of someone who speaks Spanish and has the potential to plant a La Viña.
  • Partner – Share your expertise and resources with us to help us plant and establish La Viña churches in the USA.

Marvin Suarez with Miguel and Rossy Aviles, La Viña Coaching

What is coaching in the Vineyard? Coaching is best described as the process of coming alongside someone to help them get clarity and confidence in addressing life’s and Ministry challenges and to maximize their potential.

What happens in a coaching session? A coaching session is 30 minutes to an hour with a well-trained coach who listens and asks insightful questions on a topic or challenge you’ve chosen to discuss. The core of the coaching session revolves around the coach helping you process your thoughts to gain clarity and new perspectives.

Who can get a coach? Church planters are offered coaching for up to 24 months after they have been officially released by Vineyard USA. Church Planters will be contacted to set up coaching immediately following their release as a church plant. Pastors who have committed to multiply their church can sign up to receive 6 months of monthly coaching sessions at any time.

Ray Maldonado, La Viña Pastor Well-Being

Thanks to the Lilly Endowment, the Vineyard USA was given a grant to provide a well being of pastors program for various groups of Vineyard pastors in the US. One of the six groups is La Viña pastors.

Ray Maldonado serves as the mentor with this group. He meets with each of the six participants for a one-hour mentoring session once a month the first year, then once every other month the second year. He also gather the group as a cohort for a one-hour mentoring session once a month. We cover topics that are important to La Viña pastors.

The initiative also provides different people as a coach and a spiritual director that meet with each participant during the same months as the mentor.

Carmen Suarez, La Viña Diversity Roundtable

These roundtable discussions are designed to help us continue to think and pray about how we will work together with one vision but with multiple languages. Also, we want to identify ways to provide the best pastoral care and inclusion of the Spanish (29 churches), Chinese (3 churches) and other language pastors and leaders in our Movement.

Our strategy consists of:

  • Providing communication within our movement of the steps taken to increase diversity, inclusion and integration.
  • Foster communication between the Hispanic pastors and leaders.
  • Identify and promote Cross Cultural Intelligence and Diversity trainings.
  • Create opportunities for the different linguistic groups to meet in community in their own language without promoting separation among groups.
  • Promote participation and integration of Hispanic pastors and leaders in national, regional and local events.

We face the following challenges:

  • Communicating in a second language can be difficult and can create misunderstanding and barriers among groups.
  • Most Hispanic Pastors are bi-vocational (90%) vs. Non-Hispanic Pastors (50%)
  • Hispanics come from different cultures among themselves which at the same time are different from non-Hispanics.

 Every Person Can Make A Difference

Missions evens the playing field for every age, background, and experience level. Reaching out is something everyone can learn to do.


We help build confidence and restore a sense of comfort in mission work by equipping churches with proven tools from the field.


The missions landscape is constantly shifting. We continue to adapt and add to our toolkit to meet the needs of the local church.


Our digital library of resources can prepare any church-led team for the ongoing realities, challenges, and successes that lie ahead.

Out Of Our Comfort Zone

In missions, new cultures are encountered, personal transformations occur, and the act of serving can awaken a sleeping giant to be a disciple.


We strategize with indigenous leaders in other cultures to increase their effectiveness both personally and in church planting.

Short-Term Missions

In many cases, people who get involved in short-term, local church-based missions feel more connected to the local and global Church.

Ready For An Adventure?

If you’re interested in Missions, see our website for resources that can help you take the next step – joining God in His work of loving the world.