Equipping churches to participate in God's global mission.

Jesus said to His disciples, “…Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” We believe He meant it.

Jesus knew that we would be His hands and His feet in a world hungry to receive God’s love. As our global community gets smaller, the opportunities to go beyond our familiar culture get larger and larger. This puts us all in a position to reach out beyond our borders.

Local church-based missions & national partnerships.

In the Vineyard, we have local church-based mission activities, as well as national partnerships in which we’re involved.

Vineyard communities are extending Christ’s love around the world – and the impact is literally transforming villages, towns, and cities.

Vineyard Missions equips US Vineyard churches to participate in the mission of God around the world.

There are Vineyard churches in approximately 95 nations around the world, and that number is growing. We provide tools and support helping to facilitate and coordinate the cross-cultural work of US Vineyard churches as they pursue their God-given call to the nations.

Our ultimate goal is to mobilize church planting movements in every nation and to develop indigenous leaders to pastor their communities.

 Every Person Can Make A Difference

Missions evens the playing field for every age, background, and experience level. Reaching out is something everyone can learn to do.


We help build confidence and restore a sense of comfort in mission work by equipping churches with proven tools from the field.


The missions landscape is constantly shifting. We continue to adapt and add to our toolkit to meet the needs of the local church.


Our digital library of resources can prepare any church-led team for the ongoing realities, challenges, and successes that lie ahead.

Out Of Our Comfort Zone

In missions, new cultures are encountered, personal transformations occur, and the act of serving can awaken a sleeping giant to be a disciple.


We strategize with indigenous leaders in other cultures to increase their effectiveness both personally and in church planting.

Short-Term Missions

In many cases, people who get involved in short-term, local church-based missions feel more connected to the local and global Church.

Ready For An Adventure?

If you’re interested in Missions, see our website for resources that can help you take the next step – joining God in His work of loving the world.