Good Theology Sets People Free

In episode 18 of the How to Plant a Healthy Church Podcast, Luke Geraty shares on the importance of theology that is rooted in and for the local church.

Luke Geraty

Senior Pastor, Red Bluff Vineyard, Red Bluff, CA

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Do you love theology? Especially the kind that is rooted in and for the local church? Theological reflection that can bring life and freedom to the people you are gathering? If so, you’ll love this conversation with Luke Geraty, Co-Senior Pastor of the Red Bluff Vineyard in Northern California.

Our Host

Luke Geraty | Redbluff Vineyard

Luke Geraty is a pastor-theologian living in Northern California. He and his wife, Dawn, lead the Red Bluff Vineyard. Father of five amazing children, when Luke isn’t hanging with his family or doing church stuff, he enjoys reading and writing theology, fly fishing, and listening to underground hip hop.

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