Fostering Creativity and Doing Ministry Like A Jazz Musician

In episode 20 of the How to Plant a Healthy Church Podcast, Casey Corum covers planting and leading a church as an exercise in improvisation.

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Planting and leading a church is an exercise in improvisation. On top of that pastoring your creative community is an additional challenge. Are you looking to cultivate greater creativity within your team? Are you looking for practical tools to lead your worship community?  If so, you’ll love this wide ranging conversation with Casey Corum, longtime Vineyard songwriter and worship pastor and current Director of Production and A&R for Vineyard Worship.

Our Guest

Casey Corum I Chief Creative Officer Vineyard Worship

Casey Corum is a songwriter, worship pastor, record producer, and creative catalyst based in the greater Los Angeles, California area. Casey is best known for his work with Vineyard Music having served as Chief Creative Officer for over 10 years. Casey’s songs have been sung in thousands churches all over the world in numerous languages. Some of his best known songs include “Dwell”, “Form Us”, No Longer Strangers”, and “You Have Set Me Free”.

Casey also travels extensively working with artists, churches, and creative leaders on the stage and in the studio. Living life as an act of improvisation, Casey has given his life to unlocking creative potential in others and breaking through creative roadblocks. Casey is married to his high school sweetheart, Angie. They have four daughters and live in Fullerton, California.

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