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This website is designed to help you get to know us, and what the Vineyard movement is all about as part of the 21st century Body of Christ.

The Vineyard – Who We Are

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are somehow involved in a local Vineyard congregation. You may be a pastor or leader in that church, or maybe you’re an occasional attender or first-time guest.

What you may not know is that every Vineyard church is part of a larger international family of churches known as the Vineyard movement.

Vineyard USA is a community of churches with a common heritage and set of core values. We are organized in a fairly simple structure, but we are mainly held together by relationships.

Most Vineyard churches were planted from other Vineyard churches, and meetings between pastors and leaders often have the feel of a family reunion.

Vineyard churches have a refreshing blend of unity and diversity. There are some qualities you will find at almost any Vineyard church: intimate worship, openness to the Holy Spirit, a high value placed on relationship and community.

At the same time, because we value the autonomy of the local church, there will be wide variations of church size, buildings, music styles, preaching styles, and any number of other things.

We believe this diversity is a strength, as it enables us to reach the many regions and people groups of the United States with various forms and expressions of congregating.

The Vineyard has some national leadership structures that help hold the movement together. A National Director and Executive Team provide leadership. Regular meetings at both local and national levels provide a place for community and care as well as broad vision-casting for all the different pastors and leaders in our movement.

Launching new initiatives has always been part of the Vineyard’s DNA, so two important national ministries– Multiply Vineyard and Vineyard Missions – are organized around launching new domestic and international congregations.

We work together to identify places where God might be calling us, pinpoint leaders, and develop strategies to see new churches come into being.

Worship music has always been a central part of Vineyard churches, so perhaps over the years the most well-known arm of the Vineyard has been the Vineyard Worship branch of Vineyard USA.

Its leaders strive to find the best songs and approaches to leading congregations into heartfelt worship singing. Then, through albums, conferences, and trainings, Vineyard Worship distributes these to the rest of the Vineyard and beyond.

Get to know more about us by clicking one of the links under Who We Are or Explore The Vineyard above, or those in this article.

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