Here is a library of resources for pastors, congregations, and Christians ready to become part of the answer to healing our nations.


Vineyard USA Resources

Video | Diversity In The Kingdom Of God Is Like A Potluck (Ruben Quintero)

Article | Responding To Racism From An Asian American Perspective (Dennis Liu)

Article | Being A Reconciling Community: One Church’s Story (Ken & Becky Peters)

Video | The Reality Of Racism (Geno Olison)

Video | Seeking Understanding In Cross Cultural Relationships (Geno Olison)

Video | How You And Your Church Can Embrace Diversity (Geno Olison)

Video | Being A Reconciling Community (Phil Strout)

Video | Language & The Power Of Inclusion (Phil Strout)

Video | Better Together | Diversity Is A Kingdom Ideal (Geno Olison)

Video | Better Together | Paul’s Mustard Seed Revolution (Kathy Maskell)

Video | Better Together | Kingdom Cultural Competence In The Bible (Josh Williams)

Video | Better Together | We Are Called To Tear Down Walls (Geno Olison)

Video | Better Together | No Longer A Slave, But A Brother (Kathy Maskell)

Video | Better Together | What Is Cultural Wisdom? (Geno Olison)

Video | Better Together | We Must Not Be Afraid Of Our History (Caleb Maskell)

Video | Better Together | The Holy Spirit & Cultural Fluency (Dr. Charles Montgomery)

Video| Better Together | Paying A Price To Impact Your Community (Rich Nathan)

Podcast | The Asian-American Experience And Confronting Racism Amplified By COVID-19 (Dennis Liu)

Article | Diversity: Reach Out To Those Different Than You (Vineyard USA)

Blog & Resource | Hard Conversations – In A Time Of Challenge (Blog & Downloadable Study)

Vineyard Justice Network Resources

Blog | The Art Of Radical Mercy & Staying Hopeful In COVID Times (Vineyard Justice Network)

Resource | Key Terms For Nurturing Reconciliation (Vineyard Justice Network)

Blog | The Devil Does Business at the Crossroads (Vineyard Justice Network)

Blog | Galatians and the Multi-Ethnic Church (Vineyard Justice Network)

Blog | Lessons from Frederick Douglass (Vineyard Justice Network)

Blog | Disunity in Christ by Christina Cleveland (Vineyard Justice Network)

Vineyard Worship Resources

YouTube Playlist | Black Voices In The Vineyard

Podcast Episode | Black Voices In The Vineyard (Kim McNeal)

Podcast Episode | Black Voices In The Vineyard (Gary Dawkins)

Podcast Episode | Black Voices In The Vineyard (Josh Williams)

Podcast Episode | Black Voices In The Vineyard (Shyla & Leon Powell)

Podcast Episode | Black Voices In The Vineyard (Joshua Miller)

Podcast Episode | Black Voices In The Vineyard (Geno Olison)

Multiply Vineyard Resources

Blog | The Unusual Intentionality Of Planting A Multicultural Church (Geno Olison, South Suburban Vineyard)

Blog | Not Just An Urban Issue: Racism & The Church In Small Town America (Charlie Cotherman, Oil City Vineyard)

Other Resources

Video | What Is Wrong With Us? (Geno Olison, South Suburban Vineyard)

Video | A White Pastor’s Response To The Murder Of George Floyd (Jonathan Rue, Desert Vineyard)

Article | White Evangelicals, This Is Your Moment: A Response to Ahmaud Arbery (Rachel Conner)

Article | Together For Ahmaud | A Joint Letter From A Group Of Vineyard Pastors

Blog | Why White Evangelical Pastors Must Speak Out About Racism & Anti-Semitism In Our Country (Rich Nathan)

Resource | Be The Bridge Empowering people and culture towards racial healing, equity, and reconciliation.

Book | The Color Of Compromise (Jemar Tisby)

Book | White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism? (Robin DiAngelo)

Book | Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America (Ibram X. Kendi)

Book | Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race (Beverly Daniel Tatum)

Past Letters From Phil

Letter | A Pastoral Letter From Phil 2020

Letter | A Pastoral Letter From Phil: Leading In Racial Reconciliation

Letter | A Letter From Phil: Recent Events & The Ministry Of Reconciliation

We will continue to refresh this page with new resources designed to move you and your congregation forward.