How Do We Evangelize In A Global Pandemic?

Melanie Forsythe, Lead Pastor of the LIFE Vineyard Church, shares how we can still be about our mandate to evangelize in the midst of a global pandemic.

Melanie Forsythe

Lead Pastor, LIFE Vineyard Church (Columbus, Ohio)


Melanie Forsythe is the Lead Pastor of LIFE Vineyard Church, a vibrant community of Jesus followers in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. She came to faith in the post Christian landscape of Australia. There, Melanie was a youth pastor for many years before moving to America alongside her now late husband and co-founder of LIFE Vineyard. In spite of the unexpected loss of her husband in late 2018, Melanie is unapologetically in love with the Gospel, and full of hope and vision for the future of local church. Her Selah Conference, held annually in Columbus reaches women from all walks of life, calling them to lives of authentic devotion to Jesus.

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