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Video | What I Learned Through My Heart Attack And Recovery (Phil Strout)

Video | How Is Your Soul? (Phil Strout)

Video | Duty, Discipline, And Delight (Phil Strout)

Video | Learning To Care For Your Soul (Phil Strout)

Video | How Ignatian Spirituality Altered My Life (Phil Strout)

Video | Ecstasy, Routine, And Examen (Phil Strout)

Video | My Dream For A Vineyard Person (Phil Strout)

Video | Everybody Gets To Play (Phil Strout)

Video | Being Naturally Supernatural (Phil Strout)

Video | Rich Nathan – “We Want To Do What We See The Father Doing” (Rich Nathan)

Video | People Of The Kingdom (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | People Of The Scriptures (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | People Of The Spirit (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | Ministry In The Power Of The Spirit (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | Remember The Poor (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Church We Love (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Gift Of Worship (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Gospel As The Main And Plain (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Main And The Plain (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | The Now And Not Yet (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | Worshipers Of God (Eleanor Mumford)

Video | How Music Opens The Way To Intimacy With God (Anabeth Morgan)

Video | I Love The Holy Spirit (Dianne Leman)

Video | How We Train Someone To Follow Jesus (Phil Strout)

Video | Getting Grace Right (Mike Turrigiano)

Video | Sweet Surrender (Rose Swetman)

Video | Being and Doing (Cindy Nicholson)

Video | The Relentless Pursuit of God (Vanessa Jergensen)

Video | Trusting God (Mike Turrigiano)

Video | Reflection on the Youth of the Vineyard (Jenna Stepp)

Video | What Matters to Jesus? (Jenna Stepp)

Video | Losing People (Steve Nicholson)