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Video | The 3 P’s Of Leadership (Phil Strout)

Video | The 3 P’s The Presence Of God (Phil Strout)

Video | The 3 P’s The Proclamation Of The Gospel (Phil Strout)

Video | The 3 P’s All Things Practical (Phil Strout)

Video | The 3 P’s Making Strides As Leaders (Phil Strout)

Video | The Call To Ministry (Derek Morphew)

Video | Leaders Are Formed (Elba Dolan)

Video | Being Expectant Of The Kingdom (Juliet Barber)

Video | Being Fathers And Mothers (Juliet Barber)

Video | Our Distinctives Are The Tools He’s Given Us (Juliet Barber)

Video | Our Values Are Connected To The Mission Of Christ (Juliet Barber)

Video | Our Values Are Rooted In Our Theology (Juliet Barber)

Video | Passing On Vineyard Treasures (Juliet Barber)

Video | Raising Leaders With Intimacy (Juliet Barber)

Video | Raising Up Young Leaders (Juliet Barber)

Video | Moving From Hundreds To Thousands (Mark Fields)

Video | The Gap Between What I Know And What I Do (Mark Fields)

Video | 4 Aspects Of A Vineyard Leader (Rich Nathan)

Video | Another Team On The Field (Rich Nathan)

Video | Because You Say So I Will (Rich Nathan)

Video | God Doesn’t Need Our Great Sacrifice (Rich Nathan)

Video | Jesus Is Our Model (Rich Nathan)

Video | Leaders Are People Who Lead (Rich Nathan)

Video | The Importance Of Identity (Rich Nathan)

Video | The Vineyard Leader As Servant (Rich Nathan)

Video | The Vineyard Leader, ‘I Am Called By God’ (Rich Nathan)

Video | The Vineyard Leader, ‘I Am The Beloved Of God’ (Rich Nathan)

Video | We Don’t Choose Our Callings (Rich Nathan)

Video | A Healthy Balance In Family Life & Ministry (Sharon & Aaron McCarter)

Video | Resourcefulness, Sabbath Keeping, & Marriage Boosting (Sharon & Aaron McCarter)

Video | What God Is Doing With The Poor Around You (Phil Chorlian)

Video | How Your Church Can Get Started Caring For The Poor (Phil Chorlian)

Video | Being Present With Those You Are Sending (Mark Pope)

Video | Seize the Opportunity (Le Que Heidkamp)

Video | Learning From the Sages (Jonny Zaporo)

Video | Wisdom for Young Pastors (Jonny Zaporo)

Video | Let Jesus Take the Lead (Karen Fields)

Video | Losing People (Steve Nicholson)

Video | People Processors NOT People Keepers (Steve Nicholson)