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Video | Diversity Is A Kingdom Ideal (Geno Olison)

Video | Paul’s Mustard Seed Revolution (Kathy Maskell)

Video | Cultural Competence In The Bible (Josh Williams)

Video | We Are Called To Tear Down Walls (Geno Olison)

Video | Paying A Price To Impact Your Community (Rich Nathan)

Video | No Longer A Slave, But A Brother (Kathy Maskell)

Video | The Holy Spirit & Cultural Competency (Dr. Charles Montgomery)

Video | What Is Cultural Wisdom? (Geno Olison)

Video | We Must Not Be Afraid Of Our History (Caleb Maskell)

Video | Seeking Understanding In Cross-Cultural Relationships (Geno Olison)

Video | Language & The Power Of Inclusion (Phil Strout)

Video | How You & Your Church Can Embrace Diversity (Geno Olison)

Video | The Reality Of Racism (Geno Olison)

Video | Knowing Who You Are (Le Que Heidkamp)

Video | Equipping Women In Ministry (Le Que Heidkamp)

Video | The Power Of Gentleness (Le Que Heidkamp)

Video | A Reconciling Movement: Excerpts From Vineyard Global Family 2015