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Empowered Pentecost Series

A six-week Vineyard USA sermon series beginning the Sunday after Easter and leading-up to Pentecost Sunday. Featuring updated sermon resources from Steve Nicholson.



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Stories from last year

Mile High Vineyard family of neighborhood churches, Denver, CO

Kevin started attending our church last year. His first Sunday was Easter 2023 and then he returned for week one of the Empowered series last year where we were talking about being filled with the Holy Spirit.

He and his brothers came forward to get prayer after the service. That Sunday Kevin had a powerful encounter and on May 7, 2023 he and his two brothers were baptized together. Praise God!

Scott Hatch, ThriveAustin Vineyard Church, TX

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MORE stories from last year

Going into the weekend we had 17 people signed up to be baptized, however as Sunday approached four of them dropped off the list, choosing to wait until July. I taught a message called "Five Compelling Reasons to get Baptized", tying it into the first talk of the Empowered Series, "Holy Spirit, Revealer". 

As we finished baptizing the last person who had signed up, I simply told the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch and Philipp and said, "You don't need a class to get baptized, you simply need to understand the scripture. We still have some water left."

At that moment a young cowboy got out of his seat and walked down to the baptismal (horse trough) and stepped in it, cowboy boots and all. With tears streaming down his face he said, "I want to follow Jesus!" As soon as he did that, people got out of their seats and followed his lead. We went on to baptize 21 more people!

Paul Watson, Downtown Vineyard Church in Grand Junction, CO

We have a father who has been addicted to alcohol since he was 16. Brad received Jesus a few years ago and was baptized, but continued to struggle with alcoholism. During the last year, Holy Spirit has impressed upon us to teach often on hearing His voice and following His lead. 

After the first Empowered message we gave, Brad went home and encountered the Lord powerfully. He heard Holy Spirit say to him that he would never drink again. The Spirit led Brad to get his family, and his 12 year-old son helped him pour out all the liquor. They watched and celebrated freedom. He was 40 days sober on Pentecost Sunday!

Jane Cibula, Haven Vineyard Church of Newton, IA