Music, Books, & Resources

Vineyard Resources collects, produces, and distributes Vineyard-specific resources for the Vineyard movement, and serves the broader Church in the process.

The Vineyard is known for our passionate worship music, as well as kingdom-centric resources that empower local churches and ‘equip the saints’ for the work of ministry.

From the powerful worship music of Vineyard Worship, to the broad range of church resources provided by Vineyard Resources, the Vineyard is a movement overflowing with tools for the local church.

We put the best of our physical and digital resources into the hands our pastors, ministry leaders, and church members to support them as they do the kingdom dream day in and day out in their homes, churches, and communities.

Powerful tools help churches and leaders do the dream.

Our local Vineyard churches need turn-key tools that support them in discipling and training their communities. Music, Small Group studies, Welcome booklets, Vineyard Distinctive materials, and video courses help our pastors and churches do the kingdom dream in the places they live.

Vineyard Worship and Vineyard Resources are the non-profit worship and resourcing arms of Vineyard USA.

Both VW and VR exist to create, and make accessible, Kingdom-focused materials for every local church. The entities mine and record fresh worship songs, offer books and videos from the movement, create curriculum materials (kids, youth, adults) for use in your local church, provide small group studies and seasonal devotionals, as well as offering legacy John Wimber training materials.

 Worship Music

We’ve been documenting the songs that come from our local church encounters with the Holy Spirit¬†for over 40 years.

 Resource Booklets

Vineyard Resources creates resource booklets for our movement that are short, readable, and carry our values.

 Church Supplies

Whether our pastors need Sermon Outlines and Slides, or our Kids Ministries need tools for teaching, we create them.

 Video Teaching

Vineyard Resources has video teaching from the heart of our movement ‚Äď from Bible Studies to Conference Video Series.

 Spanish Material

Our La Vi√Īa churches need materials in Spanish, and Vineyard Resources makes¬†sure that fresh, useful¬†tools are in their hands.

 John Wimber Resources

Our founder, the late John Wimber, was an incredible teacher, communicator, and practitioner of the Kingdom.

 Digital Licenses

For a digital age, our booklets and tools are offered as bulk PDFs, EPUB, and MOBI files for distribution to our churches.

 Pastor Tools

Our pastors need well-designed Presentation Slides, Outlines, and Welcome Packs for newcomers. We meet those needs.

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