Serving men, women, and families across branches of the military.

Jesus said to His disciples, “…Go and make disciples… teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Our Chaplains believe He meant it.

Chaplains serve in every branch of the military and government, providing spiritual counsel and care in many departments. Vineyard Chaplains give their best to serve Jesus as they serve those God has placed in their care.

Chaplains give their lives to see Jesus honored in the military.

Vineyard chaplains perform or provide for religious services, as well as advising the Commander. Chaplains lead worship services and Bible studies, teaching classes and offering counseling.

They care for the wounded by visiting soldiers, their family members, and the staff in hospitals.

Vineyard Missions brings oversight to chaplains serving with the Vineyard.

Vineyard chaplains are currently serving around the world in military, hospital, law enforcement, firefighting, or civilian settings. Vineyard USA recognizes the unique calling chaplains have to care for people in these settings.

Click here to find out more about how to become a military chaplain associated with the Vineyard.

 Every Person Can Make A Difference

Missions evens the playing field for every age, background, and experience level. Reaching out is something everyone can learn to do.


We help build confidence and restore a sense of comfort in mission work by equipping churches with proven tools from the field.


The missions landscape is constantly shifting. We continue to adapt and add to our toolkit to meet the needs of the local church.


Our digital library of resources can prepare any church-led team for the ongoing realities, challenges, and successes that lie ahead.

Out Of Our Comfort Zone

In missions, new cultures are encountered, personal transformations occur, and the act of serving can awaken a sleeping giant to be a disciple.


We strategize with indigenous leaders in other cultures to increase their effectiveness both personally and in church planting.

Short-Term Missions

In many cases, people who get involved in short-term, local church-based missions feel more connected to the local and global Church.

Ready For An Adventure?

If you’re interested in Missions, see our website for resources that can help you take the next step – joining God in His work of loving the world.

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